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The weather of Tenerife, a real privilege

The weather of Tenerife is one of the real attractions of the island and one of the many reasons why everyone should visit it. The Canarian archipelago, where it is located, is called the Fortunate Islands, and this is not by chance. Here the climate remains stable throughout most of the year with an average of 22º. 

Many are the guests of Villa Mandi Golf Resort who check year after year the privileged climate of Tenerife. The south of the island of Tenerife, where our hotel is located, records the highest number of hours of sunshine in Europe throughout the year. Meanwhile, in the north, the climate varies significantly with more humidity. The contrast is striking. The south is more arid and hot, and the north is more humid and vegetated. This creates a multitude of landscapes worth admiring when it comes to getting to know the essential places on this beautiful island.

An island of contrasts is the phrase that best describes Tenerife. The orography of the island allows finding very different climates in one area and another, something that is called “microclimates“. Here, it is possible to experience different climates in one day just by climbing 700 meters towards the summit. This way, you can sunbathe and enjoy the sea in the morning and, in the afternoon, visit the different forests and high mountain landscapes through different climates as we go up.

A perfect sky

One of the most amazing jewels of the islands is their sky. Clean and clear, it is considered one of the best places in the world to observe space and has the most important set of Astrophysics observatories in the northern hemisphere. It’s protected by law in order to control light, radio and air pollution so that nothing hinders the observation of stars and stars. 

One of the most impressive phenomena of the Tenerife skies is the “Sea of Clouds”This is a natural effect caused by the trade winds (those that blow between the tropics), which push the clouds against the high mountain ranges of the north of the island creating the illusion, when seen from above, of a calm and spongy sea. Enjoy the views!

weather in Tenerife Villa Mandi Mar de nubes

It’s not surprising that throughout the year the island receives many visitors from different parts of the world. Here, lovers of outdoor or adventure sports, find in the privileged weather of Tenerife the ideal place to practice their favorite sport throughout the year. Paragliding, golf, diving or kayaking are some of the favorite plans for those who visit us regardless of the season. If you are staying with us or preparing your trip, do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you in everything you need!