Sustainability report


Hotel Villa Mandi is a company that since its creation has tried to collaborate as much as possible in the sustainability of the environment in which we find ourselves. The property, the management and all the human team that we integrate, we work every day to get the company to achieve its economic objectives within a framework of respect at all levels of the environment. Over the years we have contributed our bit to the extent possible and we have achieved goals such as reducing electricity consumption by installing new high performance machines, LED bulbs, etc. Every year we try to propose improvements in all fields; so that our existence here adds and does not diminish, in relation to the environment, the community, human rights, child protection, etc.

The Hotel Villa Mandi is a hotel with 108 accommodation units distributed over 3 floors and seven buildings; it consists of a main building where the reception, the restaurant, the bar and the disco are located. It also has two playgrounds, 4 swimming pools, a pool bar, a mini club, a gym and a football field. Our apartments are spacious and have a kitchen for the comfort of the type of clients we receive; mainly families with small children. Our clients visit us from different parts of the world, but the main nationalities are British, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, French and Dutch. In order to offer the best service to our customers we have a human team formed by around 45 people who work daily to provide the best service and transmit our philosophy to customers, suppliers and collaborators.

Our sustainability program that covers both the care of the environment, the support to the community, respect for human rights and the offer of a respectful quality service with all these fields is led in our company by the director Ana Bello who works in a very close way day by day with the whole team to be able to reach the maximum objectives.

We do not travel this road alone, we are accompanied by people whom we ask to be involved as we in this concept; fortunately, people are increasingly understanding the importance of making our environment sustainable. Our main suppliers are suppliers of raw materials such as: 7 Islands, Dorada, 7 Seas, Emicela, Agua de Vilaflor, Canary Smoked, Freiremar, Ingapan, Surpan etc .; as well as service providers such as Aveman, Compla, Tenerife Electricity, Schindler, etc. In relation to tour operators we work with GRUPO TUI, which fully shares with us the importance of our business being sustainable and tries to transmit that concept to us its clients rewarding hotels that have environmental certification.

During this year 2017; that just finished, we proposed how each year some objectives in different fields to contribute our bit. The objectives set have been:

1.- In the subject of energy consumption we have proposed to minimize the consumption of it by taking advantage of our inverter heat pumps, the use of exclusively LED lighting and the installation of timers and presence detectors in certain areas.





01/06/2017 76.896,00  14995 61.901,00 6351 12,1076996
01/07/2017 122.565,00  34980 87.585,00 10808 11,340211
01/08/2017 130.708,00  36089 94.619,00 11256 11,6122957
01/09/2017 118.893,00  32163 86.730,00 8281 14,357324
01/10/2017 118.441,00  30453 87.988,00 9327 12,6987241
01/11/2017 96.916,00  24857 72.059,00 7456 12,9983906
01/12/2017 96.591,00  26349 70.242,00 7750 12,4633548


2. In the subject of water consumption we have a daily control of the liters consumed to avoid any possible leak not detected. On the other hand, we inform our customers in each apartment how important it is to reduce water consumption and that they do not put their towels to wash if they do not need it. We also train the staff so that they do not leave the taps open more than what is merely necessary and to the technical service department that follows the stipulated process for the counter-washings of the pools, in order to avoid an unnecessary use of water.


03/01/17 119118,72 946,29 5408 0,17497966
15/01/17 119948,35 829,63 3727 0,22259995
02/02/17 120815,71 867,36 4792 0,18100167
19/02/17 121697,14 881,43 5054 0,17440245
07/03/17 122556,57 859,43 4844 0,17742155
23/03/17 123385,73 829,16 4421 0,18755033
08/04/17 124237,09 851,36 4716 0,18052587
09/06/17 125678 1440,91 4802 0,30006456
26/06/17 126436 758 5029 0,15072579
05/07/17 127559 1123 3289 0,34144117
22/07/17 128881 1322 6287 0,21027517
07/08/17 130286 1405 6103 0,23021465
23/08/17 131747 1461 6315 0,23135392
09/09/17 133144 1397 6006 0,23260073
23/09/17 133906 762 3853 0,19776797
04/10/17 134907 1001 3228 0,31009913
18/10/17 135877 970 4393 0,22080583
01/11/17 136933 1056 4667 0,22626955
15/11/17 137861 928 3717 0,24966371
30/11/17 138753 892 3998 0,22311156
15/12/17 139470 717 3253 0,22041193


3. In the area of waste generation we are a very aware company and we understand the need to minimize them. We recycle office supplies (paper, envelopes, folders, filing cabinets, etc.), we work with suppliers that reuse many of them their containers (chemical product jugs, plastic boxes for bread or fruit, etc.). On the other hand this year we have installed water filters to be able to offer our new customers all-inclusive running water for consumption and thus avoid the excessive amount of plastic bottles that would have been generated.

4. With regard to respect for human rights, we have continued with our usual guidelines to respect all of them within a framework of mutual respect. We believe in equality in all fields; of the 116 people who have formalized a contract with us that this year 2017 we have made contracts to 60 women and 52 men; so we give our contribution of integration by hiring handicapped people having made 4 contracts of this type.

5. In the matter of supporting the growth of the community in which we are immersed whenever possible and meet the professional profile we seek, we try to hire local staff and in turn work with local suppliers. This last year we have contracted 28 national and 26 foreigners. Our suppliers in turn are also primarily local; In this last year we have worked with 48 local and 5 national suppliers. Likewise, this year, how the previous ones we have worked with the Amate association supporting cancer patients so that the fight against this disease is less harsh.

6. Another field that worries us a lot is that of care and respect for the minor, we always monitor that there are no inappropriate attitudes on the part of clients, employees or suppliers. Our staff follows a pattern of behavior; how the vocabulary used, the gestures or the non-physical contact inappropriate for the treatment of a minor. This year, once again we have achieved a very high score in the questionnaires carried out by the tour operator on the treatment of children who are a segment of our population that deserves special and very careful treatment.

7. The company understands that the care of our environment is essential for sustainable growth, which is why we communicate our employees in the employee manual and our customers in the customer information book that they must respect our customs that are part of our cultural heritage and also respect the fauna and flora of the area. We do not accept shows with animals or recommend any.

8. In the labor field, our company is a transparent company that respects all local, national and international regulations and that tries to make its human team is integrated and comfortable in our company since they are one of the most important values for our company to grow. All our contracts fully comply with the regulations and our employees enjoy all the labor rights that our agreement reflects. In addition, we always try to support at a personal level the needs that may arise to any member of our team.

In general this year 2017 we have followed working on the same line as in other years, but we must recognize that because of the change in the type of product offered, we have not achieved our objectives of reducing certain points, such as 5% of consumption of chemical products and 5% of water consumption; Yes, we have reached the third goal, which was the reduction of plastic containers. Obviously the change to all-inclusive makes the volume of services soar and the number of hours that the client spends in the complex also; for this reason, if we compare 2016 with 2017, we see that the first two points have increased, especially that of water consumption. This comparison is not real due to the aforementioned change and with the current data we will be marked for the year 2018 a reduction of 2% of these unrealized objectives compared to 2017 as we understand that they are very important. Another objective that

We have set ourselves is to increase the number of chemical products that are diluted to reduce the number of wasted containers and, if possible, to use suppliers that reuse them as currently done by our supplier of pool products.

Our company will continue to fight every year because our coexistence contributes something and never harms. We firmly believe that economic growth cannot and should not be at odds with sustained growth.

“Today, development is a global concern that transcends ideologies and immediate interests. It is now a moral as well as a political challenge. . . That shows that stability and prosperity are indivisible.”