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Paragliding in Tenerife, the best flight of your holidays

Enjoy a paragliding flight in Tenerife is, without a doubt, another way to know the Island and its most amazing places from another perspective. The lovers of this sport and the most daring and adventurous find here a paradise for the practice of this sport.

The presence of trade winds constantly present in the high areas of the island, are conducive to paragliding in Tenerife the best conditions throughout the year. When these winds blow you can fly through an area of the island, and when the trade winds do not blow, you can fly without any problem on the opposite side of the island.

Numerous local companies are available to fly with you. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, before take-off the professionals will explain in detail the rules and basic concepts, they will also provide you with all the necessary material so that you don’t have to worry about anything. If this is your first time, you can fly in a tandem, a paraglider designed for two people, a pilot and a passenger.

Now, you feel agitated, you look at the sky and run to lift the paraglider. And all of a sudden, you’re flying over everything. If you look back, you will complete the Teide in all its splendor. If you look down you will see that the landscape will surprise you. Enjoy the awesome views of the sea and the mountains, feel the freedom from the air in the ideal scenario to practice paragliding. In this post we bring you the main areas where you can practice it.


This take-off area is located in the north of the island, specifically in Los Realejos. With a height of approximately 765 meters above sea level is one of the preferred by practitioners of this sport in Tenerife and local companies to make tandem flights with beginners. It is a comfortable place because of its large take-off area and preparation area of 420 square meters. To contemplate the Valley of La Orotava, Los Realejos, Puerto de la Cruz and all its coastline is amazing from that height. Relax and enjoy your flight.

Difficulty level

– First and last hour of the day: Student level (1-2).
– Half day: Intermediate/high intermediate level (3-4).


– Finca Los Quintos, Los Realejos. (Only winter).
– Socorro Beach, Los Realejos. (Only winter, avoid landing during June-August from 11:00 to 18:00h).

Parapente en tenerife corona


It is one of the most impressive takeoff points and with more landing possibilities since you can do it towards the north or south, but always towards the coast. Located at kilometer 33 of the road that goes up TF24 on the way to Teide. This is an exclusive and unique flight as it is one of the steepest glides in Europe. Of moderate intensity is suitable for beginners and amateurs, as well as impossible to describe the sensation of taking off at 2300 meters above sea level.

Difficulty level

– Intermediate level (2-3) throughout the day depending on the weather, but can change to expert level (5) in a few hours.


To the north:

– Faro Puerto, Puerto de la Cruz.
– Esplanade of land next to the football field El Peñón, Puerto de la Cruz.

To the south:

– Esplanade of Güímar-La Ladera.
– Playa del Puertito de Güímar (Only winter, summer days forbidden with the beach occupied by bathers).

Parapente En Tenerife Izaña


At 760 metres above sea level, this is one of the most important paragliding areas in the Canary Islands. A place that attracts many sportsmen and women from all over Europe every year. This is a jump for experienced, as it is a very different area from most due to the direction of the wind. It is used for 70% of the tests of the Canary Paragliding League, tests of new material and new techniques. A jump from here will take you to enjoy views of Infierno ravine, Guaza Mountain or Ifonche.

Difficulty level

– First and last hour of the day: Low intermediate/high level (2-4).
– Half day: Intermediate/high level (3-4).


– Taucho-Armeñime Esplanade, Adeje.
– Playa de La Caleta, Adeje. (Only winter, summer days forbidden with the beach occupied by bathers).

Paragliding in Tenerife


The conditions at the take-off and landing point may change for various reasons (weather, refurbishment work, etc.), so the best thing to do to make sure you are as safe as possible is to contact the Canary Paragliding Federation shortly in advance so they can inform you of any last-minute changes or incidents.

Telephone numbers: +34 928400805 / +34 615602329