Villa Mandi Golf Resort

Enviromental Policy

The Management Team of the company Villa Mandi – MANDITUR, S.L., states through this policy the compliance with environmental performance and pollution prevention. These are some of the strategic principles of the organization in the activities of “Provision of Accommodation Services and Food and Beverage Services”.

To do so, the company establishes, declares and assumes the following principles:

  • The Management Team is responsible for fostering the implementation of the Environmental Management System, giving the company the required resources for proper operation and continuous improvement in the prevention against pollution.
  • Sustainable use of natural resources, promoting energy conservation and pollution prevention.
  • The requirements of the Environmental Management and contractual requirements must be communicated effectively to suppliers / partners with a full and timely manner.
  • Promote good environmental practices in hotel activities, as well as promoting environmental awareness of employees through specialized training and own training activities to our customers.
  • The application of this policy requires the active integration of the entire team of the company. In order to achieve it, the Management Team considers a priority the motivation and training in Environmental Management.
  • Restate the commitment with the compliance of applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the company MANDITUR SL subscribes in related environmental aspects.

This policy works as a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives of the hotel. It is being implemented and maintained on a daily basis, reviewed and communicated to all employees.

Signed: Ana Bello / Manager