The best boat trips in Tenerife

boat trips in Tenerife Villa Mandi

If there is anything better than an unparalleled view of the Atlantic Ocean, it is undoubtedly to be able to enter it and enjoy it in some way. In the south of the island, very close to Villa Mandi, there are many companies that offer countless boat trips in Tenerife.  Get on board, enjoy the … Read more

The weather of Tenerife, a real privilege

weather in Tenerife Villa Mandi

The weather of Tenerife is one of the real attractions of the island and one of the many reasons why everyone should visit it. The Canarian archipelago, where it is located, is called the Fortunate Islands, and this is not by chance. Here the climate remains stable throughout most of the year with an average … Read more

Plans to enjoy Christmas in Tenerife

christmas in tenerife lighting christmas

Many decide to move away from the cold of Christmas to enjoy this parties between the sun and the beach. There is no better place than an island as peculiar and beautiful as Tenerife. A privileged place where you can celebrate these holidays with a very mild temperature that can reach 24 degrees. It’s possible … Read more