Villa Mandi Golf Resort

Community Policy Statement

The property and managers of Villa Mandi Golf Resort share the commitment to ensure positive relationships between the hotel and the local community and its businesses.

Hotel Villa Mandi Golf Resort ensures its social and economic impacts are positive and beneficial to the local community wherever possible .The Hotel also endeavor  to minimize and eliminate instances to negative impacts.

Our Community Policy and primary goals are as follows:

       1. Certification

In order to satisfy broader sustainability criteria including the socio-economic impacts and staff welfare ,Travelife Award will be   achieved by 2014

  1. Purchasing

Hotel purchases and promotes produce from the local area, whilst ensuring that quality of food does not compromise the comfort of our guest. This will help reduce CO2 emissions from transportation of products from international destination. Wherever possible , we pay our suppliers within the credit terms they request.

     3. Employment

The hotel recognize the importance of recruiting local people as preferred employees. This increases the probability of money spent in the local community. Additionally, it encourages local resident to stay within the community, rather than seeking employment outside of the community. The policy preserves our destination which is the bases for prospective and repeat guest.

     4. Donations and Charity

Hotel Villa Mandi Golf Resort donates items such as furniture or linen that is no longer suitable use within the hotel to local charities. The hotel   also offer a free stay to a Local Organization against Cancer (Amate) every year.

Dated 15.02.14

Ana Bello, Manager

Villa Mandi Golf Resort