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Diving in Tenerife: reasons to enjoy the seabed

Diving in Tenerife is a privilege and a real pleasure. And that is evident in the large number of diving centers in Tenerife and diving spots that are spread throughout the island. The wonderful climate and the quality of the water are internationally known. The transparency of the waters allows a visibility of up to 30 meters away for a clear view of the exceptional seabed.

A spectacle of biodiversity, with sandy areas and varied rock formations of great beauty and make each dive an unforgettable experience. A treasure that can only be contemplated if we submerge ourselves and let ourselves be carried away to enjoy the wonderful spectacle under the sea. If we were to start with a dive site near Villa Mandi Golf Resort, but equally it would be very close to Los Cristianos.


The “Punta de Rasca” dive offers an itinerary for experienced divers. We will enjoy impressive landscapes full of underwater ravines, arches, caves and sandy areas, as well as fascinating marine life. Once we descend to 40 meters and thanks to the great visibility in spite of the depth, we will locate a black coral arch. With luck, large groupers and schools of sea bass will accompany you on your route.

In this same area, another interesting dive is “Montaña Amarilla”, located in the municipality of Costa del Silencio. It is a unique lunar underwater landscape full of caves and arches. In the sandy areas of this diving area we will find numerous species of cuttlefish, eels, lobsters, crabs, as well as some stingrays, morays, and flute or trumpet fish. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the environment that is totally yellow and eroded.

We remain in the south of Tenerife and prepare our equipment to make a visit to a historical friend. “El Condesito” is a ship that sank in January 1972 between Las Galletas and Los Cristianos (near Punta Rasca). It currently rests on a sandy bottom between 6 and 18 meters deep. This event has led to one of the most unique dive sites on the island. The wreck is fragmented into several pieces and is frequented by a large and varied marine fauna.

Another impressing dive for divers who love this type of wreck is “El Peñon”, in Tabaiba, southeast of the island. It corresponds to a ship of 35 meters in length that was sunk with the intention of creating an artificial reef to enrich the marine life and promote diving in the zone and in Tenerife. Semi inclined to starboard, in its interior lives octopus, moray eels, among others, while outside trumpet fish, bicudas, horse mackerel or jellyfish prowl freely around the wreck.


We traveled to the coast of Puerto de la Cruz to see an impressive group of caves and natural arches that serve as a refuge for marine fauna called “The Cathedral”. Inside this volcanic building we will find a cave 20 meters high, the jewel of this majestic dive spot. Be amazed by the impressive volcanic architecture and the abundant marine life of the place. Just enjoy!

At the southernmost point of Tenerife, “El Faro de Rasca” (not to be confused with Punta de Rasca) we find another essential diving spot for diving lovers. It offers several itineraries adaptable to any level of diving. This is one of the most interesting underwater volcanic landscapes of Tenerife. Under its crystalline waters we find a series of underwater ravines created by past volcanic eruptions. The lava from these eruptions, when cooled in contact with water, sculpted fascinating structures such as the denominated “organs”. Those less experienced divers will be amazed by the large number of fish in the area.

To finish this selection of essential dives, we will go around the island to get to “Armeñime”. If you don’t want to wear all the equipment, it doesn’t matter, opt for snorkeling. Control your emotions to swim in its crystal clear waters and among green turtles weighing up to 20 kilos. If you have finally decided to go snorkelling, bring your family, it will be an unforgettable memory for everyone.

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Therefore, these are some of the best areas for scuba diving in Tenerife and let yourself be fascinated by the fantastic sea bed. Remember to always enjoy these practices from the responsibility and maximum respect for the environment and nature.

In conclusion, there are many reasons to visit Tenerife. If you like adventure, the stable climate favours the practice of outdoor sports such as paragliding, golf or kayaking. Check out our blog and find out about the different alternatives and, if you are staying with us or preparing your trip, do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you with everything you need!