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Essential trails of Tenerife to walk to do with your family

Walking the trails of Tenerife with your family is one of the best activities you can do on the island. It relieves stress, calms the mind and exercises the body, but it is also a fun way to spend time while enjoying the nature of Tenerife. In addition, science now shows that hiking helps children concentrate, increases creativity and the ability to solve problems.

This time of year is ideal for hiking. The weather is stable, the first rains have already fallen in the highlands and the landscape shows its best face. This is one of the activities we recommend if you stay at Villa Mandi Golf Resort. Read on, we bring you a list of the trails in the southern area of Tenerife to travel with your family.


Few experiences can compare to viewing the most similar lunar landscape on Earth. It is a path of almost 13 kilometres and it is usually done in about 4 hours, once you leave from the town of Vilaflor.

First you take the Camino del Atajo, a path that was an old way of communication between the north and south of Tenerife. We enter the pine forest, cross the Barranco de Las Mesas and climb the Camino de Chasna. It will be in the descent when we find the Mirador de los Escurriales and we will be able to observe the known as lunar landscape, an accumulation of figures carved in the rocks by the erosion of thousands of years, before returning to the way of going and that will return us until the town of Vilaflor.

Lunar landscape vilaflor


This route is a stretch of the old Camino de Chasna, used in pre-Hispanic times to cross the island. It runs along the base of the wall of the Caldera de Las Cañadas, in its eastern part. In the first meters, the presence of the tajinaste of blue flowers stands out, especially in June. The red tajinastes stand out in the vegetation of the hillsides in this zone, whose floral stems sometimes reach two meters in height. In the final stretch, the Capricho rises with shapes of great beauty. All along the route you will find the remains of shepherd’s refuges and different views of the Teide.



The trail starts in Arona, about 200 meters before kilometer 3. It continues along a dirt track that crosses the Las Casas ravine until it reaches the Las Arenas ravine. The path zigzags down a narrow path that retains its original cobblestone.

Once the King’s ravine has been crossed, the cobblestone is lost and splendid panoramic views of the coasts of Granadilla can be seen, San Miguel and Arona. On cloudless days it is even possible to see La Gomera and Gran Canaria. The difficulty of this path is medium and lasts 3 hours, so it is not recommended to do with small children, although it is a path that we can do with the family.


From San José de Los Llanos square it goes up Brisas del Teide street to enter the pine grove. Shortly after you will pass by the mountains of La Quebrada and Banco and, later, the mountain of La Atalaya or Trevejos Volcano. Shortly after you will cross the track and the Vergara channel, and continue to the foothills of Pico de Las Flores. The trail continues until it meets the Garachico-Montaña Chinyero trail. It is a low difficulty trail, so it is perfect for doing it with the family.

chinyero senderos tenerifechinyero senderos tenerife


The ravine starts from Adeje and runs along a path of about 3 kilometers, through the Bailadero de las Brujas or La Cogedera to a magnificent waterfall. As we go along the ravine we pass from an area with vegetation typical of this area to a greener and wetter due to the presence of water. The reward for the walk is being able to find you with a waterfall in from about 100 meters.

There are many reasons to visit Tenerife. If you like adventure, the stable climate favours to travel these essential trails with the family. In addition, you can take advantage of paragliding, golf, diving or kayaking, are some of the favorite plans for those who visit us regardless of the season. Consult our blog and find out about the different alternatives and, if you are staying with us or preparing your trip, do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you in everything you need!