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Diving in tenerife: the best places to practise

For lovers of this sport, scuba diving in Tenerife is a unique experience. The island offers several exciting dives along its coastline. Its waters are usually very clear and allow a good visibility of up to 30 meters deep. The subtropical climate of the island ensures an ideal water temperature for diving throughout the year. They range from 18 degrees in February to 24 degrees in August.

The depths are a spectacle of biodiversity, with sandy areas and varied rock formations provide beauty and make each dive a unique experience. The volcanic origin of the island has shaped a very attractive underwater landscape. Tenerife offers diving points for any level, from the newest to the most experienced.


The south coast is protected from the winds, so it is easier to find calmer waters with better visibility. In Los Cristianos, very close to the Hotel Villa Mandi, you will find the Sacaleta Diving Centre. With them you can do from the baptism in the diving as excursions of more level. One of the best known is the “Bufadero” route. It is simple, suitable for any level, where you can swim among green turtles, in addition to more species that live in that area. It has a maximum depth of 24 meters.

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Another point for diving in the south of the island is between Los Cristianos and Las Galletas. The diving point is called El Faro de Punta Rasca, and offers different itineraries adaptable to any diver. Those with less experience will hallucinate with the large amount of fish living in this area. In addition, there are numerous arches, tunnels and small caves of easy access.

Punta Blanca in the south of the island is the one of favourite place for the divers with more experience, not so much because of its complexity, although it also has it, but because of the variety of sightings it offers. The plataform is 500 meters of the shore and rises to depth of 10 meters in the tallest part, from there, the wall down until 25 meters.


Just before arriving in Santa Cruz is the Pecio of Tabaiba, a ship sunk since 2006. It is 32 metres deep and is suitable for access to inside, even reaching the engine room and some cabins. Around the ship there is a lot of marine life in which it is usual to see a large bank of barracudas on top of the ship. This route can be done by all types of divers, as the more experienced will enjoy going inside and beginners diving around the ship.

Diving in tenerife

The Garachico Tunnel is not easy to diving, so is advisable that this route made divers with experience, because it is a area that is punished by the wind and waves of the Atlantic Ocean. This route is the one of most emblematic on this zone, because it is one of the countless eruptions that have plagued this area throughout history. The space on the tunnel is the 3 meters and is a downturn fully vertical to depth 20 meters. Inmediatily, the tunnel widens and enjoy the fishes that living there. It is recommended that you also visit the Roque Cave, which is close to the Garachico Tunnel.

Another route that must be visited without fail is La Catedral, in Puerto de la Cruz. Its name already allows us to sense the majesty of this diving point. Its a zone full of basaltic arches and a chimney that in its upper mouth are to depth 18 meters. We usually dive upwards, so we must descend to 35 meters and start the ascent inside the vertical tunnel. This route is recommended to divers with experience.


Anothers diving recommended in the northern zone of the island are la Rapadura, la Baja Realejos, la Cueva de la Matanza y la Chimenea. In addition to various areas for scuba diving in Tenerife, we can also find many specialized centers that, if you are passing through the island and did not plan to practice, can make the task easier.