Villa Mandi Golf Resort

Golf in Tenerife: what do I need to take the first steps?

If you want to take your first steps, the Golf Course of the Americas has 6,051 meters between which extend 18 holes, this is one of the most important golf points in the south of Tenerife, so we recommend you not to go further, this is your site. It offers all the necessary services whatever your level, from professionals to receive some basic lessons to renting the necessary equipment. In addition, it can be practiced by people of all ages, making it ideal for enjoying a fun family day.

Don’t worry, our team can help you manage your reservation, but first, we bring you a compilation of aspects on everything you need to take the first steps in this sport.


  • Behavior: it is advisable to review and know the codes of this sport. It is important to know the rules before taking the first steps for initiation into this world. Some of these rules perfectly reflect the idiosyncrasy of this great sport, such as, for example, the one that does not allow you to address your peers or make any comments about the style of other players. Respect for other players is one of the hallmarks of the code of golfers. The use of mobile phones during the game is prohibited and must be silenced. In addition, it is not allowed to make gestures in front of or to the side of another player’s shooting line. The same applies to clothing, where shirts or sleeveless shirts are prohibited.
  • Equipment: after the first steps and the first sessions you will not be clear if you feel comfortable and completely attracted by this sport, so it is recommended at first to make use of the rental equipment, try various types and check which equipment suits you best. When buying them it is common to get used equipment until you decide if golf is a sport you like. If so, it’s time to buy your own equipment.
  • Practice: it is advisable to purchase an initiation package or book initiation classes with one of the certified professionals in the field. In these classes or packages for beginners you acquire knowledge and basic techniques of grip, swing, putt, as well as the position for the first moves. And finally, basic notions of the factors that can affect your shots depending on the field, wind and weather, among other aspects.

You’re determined and impatient to start practicing. The first steps are never easy but with these tips you will be able to get started safely. We hope that these brushstrokes have helped you make the decision to start with enthusiasm in golf. If you still don’t have your reservation at the Las Americas Golf Course, we can help!