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Giving away experiences, ideas to surprise this Christmas

This Christmas gives experiences. The time and moments lived and shared with your loved ones are the most valuable and personal detail that can be given. This time of year is ideal to disconnect even from the routine of Christmas and from the compromises of all the years, because this is and must continue being a time to share the life and the essence of Christmas with our family, our friends or our couple.

The memories acquired with our loved ones are not material, they don’t wear out and do not go out of fashion, so they will remain with us forever. We propose you to surprise them with an escape to an exclusive atmosphere like the one we offer in Villa Mandi Golf Resort.


Known for being named the best water park in the world by TripAdvisor users from 2014 to the present, Siam Park is less than 10 minutes from the Hotel Villa Mandi Golf Resort. Enjoy an exciting day full of adrenaline during your holidays and take advantage of the unbeatable advantage we offer you by being one of the hotels near Siam Park Tenerife. From a 28 meter high slide where you can reach a speed of up to 80km/h, to a water roller coaster with fast curves and many changes of direction, we will take you there!

Giving away experiences, Siam park


Sleep by the stars. Get your strength back at the Altavista Refuge on Mount Teide and live out your dream of seeing the sun rise from Spain’s highest peak together with other trekking lovers. But it will not only give you one of the most spectacular sunrises you have ever experienced. The location of the Refugio at 3,260m and the fact that the Teide sky is one of the best skies in the world for astronomical observation, will make you enjoy the starlit sky like never before.

Giving away experiences, el teide

And once you are up there, you will see the first rays of the sun rising under your feet, amidst the smell of sulphur and the smoke from the volcano, and as the heat of the sun begins to be felt and illuminates everything in its path, at the opposite end, the shadow of the Teide rises grandiose above the clouds and the sea, while not so far away you glimpse other nearby islands.

If you don’t want to be short-sighted, consider these recommendations:

  • He’s wearing a coat. No matter what time of year you go up, wear long pants and thermal clothes because it’s cold at night. Don’t forget to wear a light windproof jacket, because in the early morning when you go out to the crater it will save your life. Also take a sun hat for the daytime hours.
  • Comfortable shoes are essential. The path is made of stones, and a pair of mountain boots or sneakers is what you will need to avoid scares and foot pains.
  • Bring plenty of water because the walk will make you thirsty. In the refuge you also have vending machines where you can buy water, but it is always better to go prepared and leave the house with several bottles in your backpack.
  • Use your common sense. Follow the instructions recommended by the authorities and make your ascent respecting the environment that makes up the national park. Don’t forget to book your place in the refuge well in advance.


Giving away sports experiences thinking about the sport we like is always a good option. Are you looking for a hotel to enjoy golf in Tenerife? Enjoy a day playing your favorite sport next to the Hotel Villa Mandi. The professional course Golf Las Americas is one of the reference points for golf in the south of Tenerife. A total of 18 holes await you at this location, with the mildest temperatures for a relaxing day and the perfect facilities to make you feel at home.


Despite the warm climate that reigns on the island all year round, Christmas is lived to the full here, and there are many places to visit during your days on the island to blend in with the festive atmosphere. Each municipality makes an effort to ensure that its streets have the best lighting and Christmas decorations which, accompanied by the best Christmas carols, complete the days with cultural events organised in the open air. Walking around these corners and enjoying the Christmas atmosphere is an experience to be lived with the family and remembered forever. Without a doubt, giving away experiences loaded with passion will be remembered forever.

Giving away experiences villa mandi


This is one of the most important days for the youngest members of the family. Therefore, we recommend that you visit the Santa Cruz Three Kings’ Cavalcade, as it is the best known and most popular on the island. On the afternoon of January 5th, the streets of the capital are filled with excitement as they await their majesties who arrive at 5pm to welcome them with a party and a children’s show. Giving away experiences of this kind will remain in the memory of the little ones forever.

From 19:00 hours and for two hours they will be walking the main streets so that all children can enjoy watching the Three Kings walk. Once the parade is over, the children will be able to personally deliver their letter to their favourite king. It’s a perfect day to spend with your family and to be able to give a unique experience to the youngest members of the family. Don’t forget to go prepared for the candy rain!

the king's cavalcade santa cruz

We have the doors open for you to come and enjoy these incredible experiences this Christmas. In addition, thanks to the favorable climate of the island you can carry out different activities. Paragliding, diving or kayaking are some of the most demanded activities regardless of the season you visit us. Check out our blog and find out about the different alternatives and, if you are staying with us or preparing your trip, don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you with everything you need!