Villa Mandi Golf Resort

Reasons to stay at Villa Mandi

When your holidays arrives, we all have started to organize the family holidays. Once you have decided on your destination, you may find yourself evaluating the type of accommodation in which you will enjoy your days off.  Although you have a multitude of options, here are a number of reasons to stay at Villa Mandi Golf Resort in Tenerife Sur and enjoy the best family holidays ever. Do you want to know more?


motivos-alojarse-villa-mandiOne of the most important reasons to stay at Villa Mandi Golf Resort is that it allows you to feel at home. Apartments with all the comforts, equipped kitchen, lounge, rooms, a large terrace where you can enjoy the outdoors and the sun, in short, all the stays we enjoy in our home, but being on holiday. Our apartments provide individual bedrooms and common areas for a comfortable family atmosphere and the intimacy of a real home with plenty of space.


A few days or weeks of holidays in Villa Mandi allows you to share experiences with your family and, above all, with other families from different parts of the world. You and your kids will be able to meet new friends with whom to practice languages, live unique moments, have fun with the different activities we have prepared for you and create memories that will remain in you for the rest of your lives.


Located in Tenerife South, our summers are pleasant and winters are very mild. An eternal spring of sunny days, blue skies and stable temperatures, without great oscillations throughout the year. An average annual temperature of 22ºC, ideal to enjoy with family or friends in the open air of our fabulous swimming pools, green areas, activities or terraces.


Playas-tenerifeMany people are increasingly opting for this type of holiday accommodation because it provides greater freedom of movement and timetables. With us, they do it because they really consider it an advantage to get up or go to bed at the desired time, to get close to the nearby beaches or to have the freedom to do tourism in Tenerife, which has a multitude of places to visit and discover. El Teide, Los Gigantes, La Orotava or Anaga, are some of those essential places.


Your vacations are the beginning of the rest time, but with a little help, we will multiply that sensation of well-being. We have numerous services, among them, we have a space reserved for aesthetics and wellness in which to relax and feel good. You can enjoy a pleasant massage from an extensive variety, pampers your body with one of the treatments we have prepared for you or change your look thanks to our hairdressing and pedicure service. If you want it, you can also exercise and stay fit during holidays in our fitness area.


siam-park-tenerifeWe know that an important part for you to enjoy a relaxing holiday is the fun and well-being of the young ones. At the Villa Mandi Golf Resort, we have a highly professional animation team and a complete program of activities so that all your vacations are going to be so fun. For seniors, our hotel is just a few meters from a majestic golf course with 18 holes, a par 72 and more than 6,000 meters total length, or if you prefer, we take you to Siam Park, one of the best water parks in the world, ideal for children and adults.

All these reasons to stay in Villa Mandi is one of the preferred options for families and couples to enjoy the longed-for vacation days.