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Shopping in Tenerife

Christmas is coming! Perhaps you’ve made one of the best decisions you could make and you’ve decided to spend Christmas in Tenerife. If you want to surprise your family with some extra gift or just experience the fashion that follows on the island with a day of shopping, you should continue reading this post!

Tenerife south has a wide variety of shops where you can make your purchases. From local shops to department stores, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for, but if you don’t know where to start, we’ll reveal some of the places you can’t miss.

Siam Mall Shopping Centre

de-compras-por-tenerife-villa-mandi-Siam_MallThis relatively new shopping center is located near Villa Mandi Golf Resort. Its facilities are spacious and has a large car park where you can leave your car. In addition, as you know for sure, our free transport system connects our hotel with Siam Park. As you might have imagined by the word ‘Siam’ in the name of this shopping centre, it is just a few metres from the park, so you can take advantage of our service!

Once in the mall, you’ll find two gigantic plants full of shops where you can look for gifts for your family or for yourself. Different brands of clothing have a shopping area in this mall, you can also find technology, accessories, accessories, sports fashion and even a toy store. After all your shopping, if you need a well-deserved rest, here you will find several cafés and restaurants where you can recharge your batteries. Finally, there is also a supermarket where you can buy everything you need. Remember! Our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook.

El Duque Shopping Centre

de-compras-por-tenerife-villa-mandi-duqueThis option is also located in Tenerife South but offers a completely different variety to the shopping centre we talked about earlier. If you are the most select clothing brands, you like to go to the most avant-garde fashion and you like your wardrobe to be a little more exclusive, you can not miss visiting El Duque. It is a circular, modern and cosy space where you can shop. It also has several cafeterias and a chillout area to relax over a cocktail. You’ll also find a select gastronomic space where you can buy gourmet products and wines, the perfect gift for those waiting for you at home!



Parque Santiago Shopping Center

Another of the leisure and shopping areas of Tenerife Sur is the Parque Santiago shopping centre. Here you will also find a large number of shops where you can make your purchases, mainly fashion, accessories, jewelry and technology. You’ll be able to stroll through this boulevard that leads to the Playa de las Americas promenade, where you’ll also find many more shops as you leave the Atlantic Ocean on one side. Without a doubt, a unique way to do your shopping while on vacation! In addition, of course, here you will also find different bars and restaurants where you can take a break before continuing shopping.

Shopping in Santa Cruz


If you have decided to visit and go shopping in the capital of Tenerife, we recommend some places that you can not miss if you are a lover of shopping.

The Meridiano Shopping Centre is one of the busiest places for locals who want to do their shopping, has three floors full of shops of all kinds, supermarket, restaurant, terraces and even a cinema. One of the best options if what you are looking for is to do all your shopping in one place.

El Corte Inglés, next to another shopping centre called Nivaria, is a Spanish firm well known for housing all kinds of products inside. From fashion products, music, technology or sports to perfumery, liquor store or anything else you can look for. Seven plants full of options await you in the heart of Santa Cruz.

Finally, how about a stroll down Calle Castillo? In the center of the city and being one of its main streets, this street is known for the crowded local shops in which you can choose. This walk begins at the historic Plaza Weyler and ends next to Plaza de España, one of the most iconic places in the capital. This way, you will be able to combine your shopping with a small cultural getaway.

We hope we were able to help you get to know the best places to go shopping in Tenerife!