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How to dress in Tenerife; tips for packing

Sandals, coats, bathing suits… don’t stress yourself over what to put in the suitcase. In this article, you can read how to dress in Tenerife so that you don’t miss any good occasion

Going on a trip is always exciting. Seeing new places, trying new food and getting to know other cultures are the best parts of taking a plane and going somewhere far from home, but what comes before that can be a bit annoying. Making the suitcase can be a fight between taking too much or leaving some essential pieces. Knowing exactly how and what pieces to take can be an equation that not everyone gets right. It’s commonly known that if you travel to some tropical place you are going to need a bathing suit and breathable clothes, and even though that is true, sometimes you need to be a thinking a little more ahead of time so that you can take clothes that can save you at any occasion and that would make you look nice.

The basics

como vestir en tenerife

How to dress in Tenerife is almost the same as on any other island you might visit. The essentials that you must keep in your bag all the time are at least two bathing suits, a good pair of beach sandals, some shorts or baggy pants and short sleeves tops. With all of these, you can escape most situations on your trip, but let’s get more into details. The short sleeves tops can be of basic colors that go along with any bottom part, summery colors like white, blue and some yellows are always good; and clearly you can not forget about a good black shirt.

If we talk about pants, you can not miss taking some good shorts, we recommend at least two pairs of baggy or flowy pants. The oversized look is quite in right now and this type of pants can make you look more elegant and would keep you fresh the whole time. Another basic thing that most women need is a nice summer dress. A good long and loose summer dress is always a match to go to a delightful dinner on the beach or a walk around the Island coast. Any of these pieces can make you look good and be comfortable if you want to see some parts of the Island.

If you visit El Teide

Tenerife is not only about the sun and beach. One of the main places people always visit when they visit this amazing Island is the volcano, El Teide. If it is in your plans to go and see this wonderful gift of nature, you would need some comfortable pants, a good pair of shoes that can take dirt and a jacket. These are the basics regardless of the season you come, but if you come in the winter time, and it is snowing we recommend that you take more cozy clothes and, instead of sneakers or regular shoes, you need a pair of rain boots that would prevent your feet from getting wet in the snow.

Special nights

Como vestir en tenerifeGoing out to a romantic dinner or to get around the local nightclubs of Tenerife is always a fun idea. It’s true that even at night the temperature is not really that low, but taking a coat just in case never hurt anybody. How to dress for a night out in Tenerife is not complicated. It can depend on the place you go, but regardless an all-black look is always a hit.

If you want to look a bit more out there and put it together, a shiny top is the way to go. These are very in style right now and if you want to be more in the trends, you can do a simple makeup with a little shimmer on the eyes or the cheeks. A shiny makeup and a sleek hairstyle can make you look more elegant for any night occasion.

The priority is being comfortable

In the end, it really doesn’t matter what you take in your suitcase, because when you go on a trip, the most important thing is to feel comfortable. A good vacation is nothing if you are not having a nice time and enjoying every part of the trip. That is why in Villa Mandi you can find the best resort to spend a holiday filled with relaxation and fun, making unforgettable memories in which clothes would not be a problem.