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Which is the best beach for kids in Tenerife?

Finding the best beach for kids in Tenerife can be a hard task, but there is three beaches that are perfect to enjoy some family time.

In Tenerife you can find any type of beach that you want even if you want to surf, dive or just sunbathe and have a peaceful time. In this beautiful Island you can find a huge variety of beaches where you can do whatever you feel like. If you go with your kids and just want a place in which they can have fun while you relax and enjoy the sun, we can recommend you three of the best beaches to go with kids in Tenerife. We are going to show you the best beach for kids in Tenerife and some of the ones that can best suit your family holidays.

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Las Teresitas

If you want a beach that is near the city and has everything to spend a nice and relaxing time with the whole family, Las Teresitas is the best beach to go with kids in Tenerife. This amazing beach is just around 15 minutes from the city center and on the way, you can visit San Andres, a little town in Tenerife that has a lot of culture. Las Teresitas has a special sand brought from the Sahara Desert and has a breakwater that limits the oceans waves. This beach is ideal to take the kids to enjoy their first swim or for them to lose the fear of the waters. There you can also find some recreational services like the rent of little boats to use in the water and have a different experience.

For the parents, this beach offers sun loungers, umbrellas and little casual restaurants where you can drink a mojito or eat nice food. For safety reasons it also has police officers around the beach, lifeguards and a stand of Cruz Roja ready to help at any problem.

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El Duque Beach

On the other coast of the Island, you can find this wonderful beach with white sand and crystal clear ocean. El Duque is one of the most famous beaches of the Island thanks to its combination of white sand and clear water that makes you feel like you are in paradise. Its waves are controlled thanks to a breakwater made by rocks in the bottom of the ocean that makes taking a swim a peaceful activity. It is the perfect beach to sunbathe while the kids play thanks to the great weather that this part of the Island usually has. To make this beach even more secure for the whole family, it has been granted a Blue Flag certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education that guarantees that the water and the services are in the best conditions.

To make this beach even more attractive, it is near a wide variety of top restaurants, malls and the other eight beaches you must see to appreciate the gorgeous landscape. It also has a nearby parking lot, so it takes no time to come and go.

Bajamar natural pools

Even if these ones are not actually a beach, they are an interesting place to visit and have another type of experience. These pools are in the town Bajamar and are not like the regular pools you know. Thanks to its location near the ocean, it is filled with natural water instead of the typical pool that can have chlorine waste. There you can also appreciate in a safe way due to its construction how the ocean waves come and go and have an unforgettable memory. These pools are a unique way to relax and let the little ones of the family enjoy their vacations.

All of these beaches and pools we mention are a must see when you visit Tenerife, but the days you have that you just want to relax and truly enjoy your vacations, you can stay in Villa Mandi Golf Resort. It might not be consider the best beach to go with kids in Tenerife but this amazing hotel has it all, huges pools for the kids to play, a sunbathing space for relaxation, a delicious buffet as well as some great restaurant and an entertainment team that is going to make sure that the kids play and have a wonderful time. We can also not forget that it offers a massage and wellness center for you to go and release any tension. This is truly a whole package to enjoy your time.