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What to pack for Tenerife?

Find out what to pack for Tenerife. Organisation is essential when travelling.

Don’t worry, coming to Tenerife requires a varied but simple suitcase. The good weather that prevails throughout the year will make our suitcase weigh less and it will be full of fresh clothes and comfortable shoes. Find out what to pack for Tenerife and the style that will make you triumph on Instagram during your holidays.

What to pack Tenerife


Weather and temperatures

Let’s start with the key element when it comes to choosing our outfits, the climate. In Tenerife we have a subtropical oceanic climate, which means that temperatures are warm, humid and stable throughout the year. The average temperature in winter does not drop below 15 degrees Celsius in the south of the island and in summer it is around 25 degrees Celsius. A balanced ratio between minimum and maximum temperatures. The reality is that our island is a perfect paradise where winter clothing has little place.

Another key point in temperature control is the altitude. There are places on the island that are very cold in the winter months; we must remember that the highest point on Tenerife is over 3700 metres above sea level. Therefore, if you are planning to visit the Teide National Park, it is best to come prepared during the autumn and winter months. In addition to the beach, Tenerife also has mountains.

More points to be aware of: the trade winds. If you stay in the north of the island, the temperatures are cooler and the cloudiness is higher. In contrast, in the south the sun shines for more days of the year and temperatures rise slightly. In any case, a bikini is a must in your suitcase and you can enjoy pleasant temperatures all over the island.

What pack for Tenerife

The essentials in your luggage for Tenerife

  • Bikinis and swimming costumes are two “must-haves” when packing your luggage. Few places in the world have so many sunny days a year, average temperatures and spectacular beaches all around the island. And the wonderful swimming pool at Villa Mandi Golf & Resort will also allow you to wear your swimming costume. Add a pair of sunglasses to your suitcase, they will be indispensable.
  • Flip-flops or comfortable shoes are necessary for days at the beach and short walks along the seafront. In Tenerife we free our feet and let the sea waves brush our toes. Sports shoes are another basic item to include in our suitcase. There are a multitude of hiking routes on the island that we should take. Visiting Anaga, the Teide National Park or the higher areas in the north of the island requires suitable sports footwear.
  • Shorts and T-shirts. Opt for comfort in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Tenerife is a place of simple and friendly people. Forget overly formal clothes and dress comfortably and calmly on a daily basis. The ultimate goal is for you to relax and forget about the stressful life you live every day.
  • A beach towel and sun cream. We’re sure you’ll be going to the beach and will need sunscreen, both of which you can bring from home or buy directly from our island. Local shopkeepers will be happy to help.
  • Space. Yes, you read that right, space. You’ll want to bring lots of souvenirs and holiday purchases from Tenerife. You need to reserve space in your suitcase so you can bring them back home.

With these essential items and many others that you may have left behind; necessary documents, clothes for dining out or partying, external batteries, camera, etc. We have now packed our suitcase to visit the Canarian paradise, all that remains is to get on the plane.