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Reasons to travel to Tenerife in November

Traveling to Tenerife in November can be one of the best autumn experiences. There are many reasons for this statement, including one of the mildest and most regular climates on the planet and its privileged geographical location, which intervenes in other aspects such as the marine currents that bathe its coasts, the influence of the anticyclone of the Azores at this time. 

You can come to Tenerife at any time of the year, but if you are planning to come this November, here are some reasons to convince yourself.


The vast majority of visitors to the Canarian archipelago arrive by plane. Especially with the lowcost companies, which land at any of its two airports (Tenerife Sur and Tenerife Norte). The fares offered by the main companies that fly to Tenerife are one more reason to travel to the Island. It’s a great opportunity in the autumn season, because whenever you have some flexibility, you can find direct round-trip tickets with ease. It’s a two or three hour flight. Once here, stay can come at a very good price if you know how to choose.

In Villa Mandi Golf Resort you will find a modern decoration that will make you feel at home, spacious apartments with everything you may need, fabulous swimming pools to refresh yourself, green common areas, spaces for leisure, but also for rest and a team ready to meet all your needs. Let us conquer your senses and record in your memory what we are sure will be an unforgettable holiday in a paradisiacal environment.

Tenerife in November


Temperatures in the Canary Islands are stable and pleasant all year round. The average temperature is 23-24 degrees, so even at this time, where elsewhere it would be unthinkable, you can enjoy long days on the beach. If you want to experience a short-sleeve November without travelling too far, this is the right destination for you. In Tenerife, you can enjoy the most hours of daylight in Europe, even in November, when it rains 2 days on average. This phenomenon of long sunny days is due to its geographical location and the favourable influence of the trade winds and the anticyclone of the Azores.

Tenerife in November Villa Mandi


Gastronomy is another of the strong points of the Canary Islands in general and Tenerife was not going to be any less. As we read in this article of our blog, we can taste typical and really rich dishes during our holidays. It doesn’t matter what your tastes are, in the hotel as well as in the restaurants of the area you will be able to find the dishes that you like the most. Not only must you taste modern gastronomy, we invite you to taste its traditional gastronomy.

Tenerife gastronomía villa mandi


If you go with your family, remember that in the south of Tenerife and very close to our hotel, you have Siam Park, chosen as the best water park in the world in 2019. Slides, swimming pools, rapids and attractions are thematised as the ancient kingdom of Siam in Thailand. Enjoy its famous Dragon and the adrenaline of the Tower of Power, a slide with a fall of 28 meters, among others. If you’re staying at Villa Mandi Golf Resort, we’ll take you there! Our hotel has a private shuttle service to make it easy for you to get to the park as well as the beach.

siam park tenerfe villa mandi


The Canary Islands are famous all over the world for their exceptional conditions for stargazing. The quality of their skies is such that they are protected by the Law on Astronomical Quality of the Observatories of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC). For all these reasons, the Canary Islands are an ideal destination for lovers of important astronomy throughout the year, whether it is to visit the Izaña international observatories or to take a nocturnal tour with an expert guide. Don’t hesitate, choose a star and make a wish.

ver las estrellas en tenerife

There are many reasons to visit Tenerife in November. If you like adventure, the stable climate favours activity in a multitude of activities. Paragliding, golf, diving or kayaking, are some of the favorite plans for those who visit us regardless of the season. Consult our blog and find out about the different alternatives and, if you are staying with us or preparing your trip, do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you in everything you need!