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The restful holidays you are looking for

A restful holidays is all we need in life to be happy. Escape from routine and enjoy unique moments.

Resting, relaxing, unwinding, are some of the most repeated terms in the holiday wishes of all holidaymakers. We are all looking for that moment of peace that takes us out of the routine, that takes us away from daily life and gives us the opportunity to slow down our pace. For this reason, today we are going to show you how to enjoy the best restful holidays.

restful holiday

Keys to a restful holidays

Remember that holidays are an opportunity to rest and enjoy your free time. Follow these tips and you can return to your routine with renewed energy and a rested mind.

  • Choose a quiet place: Sometimes the best way to rest is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Look for a place where you can relax and enjoy nature, such as a beach, a forest or a mountain. And what luck we have, Tenerife has it all.
  • Plan ahead: There is nothing worse than being stressed out trying to organise your holiday at the last minute. Plan ahead so you can enjoy your time off without worry. If you plan your schedule, everything will be fine.
  • Put work aside: It is important to disconnect from routine and work. Try not to check your email or take calls from work while you are on holiday. Dedicate that time to yourself and your loved ones.
  • Disconnect from technology: Social media, email and text messages can be distractions that prevent you from fully resting. Try to disconnect from technology and enjoy the present moment.
  • Do activities you enjoy: Take advantage of your holiday to do things you enjoy. Reading a book, exercising, practising yoga or meditating are some options that can help you relax and enjoy the present moment.
  • Get enough rest: Sleep is an important part of rest. Try to get enough sleep during your holiday so that you can recharge your batteries and get back to your routine with more energy. Everything we didn’t sleep during the year should be put to good use now.

Tenerife a paradise for relaxation

Who doesn’t want a holiday on an island paradise, located in the tropics and with all the comforts and services available? On the face of it, it sounds too good to refuse. Our archipelago is characterised by a different way of life.

Stress is not part of the Canarian personality, you will find friendly, smiling and relaxed people throughout your trip, and we mean it, it’s contagious. Our philosophy of life, our wonderful climate and the beauty of our islands make sharing a moment of your life in the Canary Islands unforgettable.

As for our territory, you will find great beaches of black and white sand, hidden spots in the middle of laurel forests, volcanic landscapes around the highest mountain in Spain, and many other unique natural spaces where beauty makes peace and tranquillity come by itself.

restful holidays

Villa Mandi Golf & Resort, a place to rest and relax

In our facilities you can enjoy beauty, health and wellness treatments. Check on our website or during your visit the possibility of booking a fantastic and relaxing massage, a beauty and health treatment or pamper yourself in our beauty salon with a new hairstyle or a manicure. Everything you need in the wellness world to leave our facilities refreshed.

To this we can only add a wide gastronomic offer, comfortable and modern rooms and all the services you are looking for in a hotel like ours. We are waiting for you at Villa Mandi Golf & Resort for the perfect holiday to relax.