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The magic of Tenerife in February

A winter holiday feels different in a paradisiacal destination. Tenerife in February is sun, carnival and a magical Valentine’s Day.

Visiting Tenerife in February is a unique experience due to its warm and sunny weather. Despite being winter in the northern hemisphere, the temperature in Tenerife is around 20°C during the day and does not drop too much at night. In addition, the chances of rain are very low, allowing you to enjoy the beaches and outdoor activities to the fullest. Tenerife is also an ideal destination for lovers of good weather and tranquillity, as it is less crowded in February than in summer. Therefore, you can enjoy a relaxing, unhurried holiday.

February is also the month of love, of travelling as a couple and of Valentine’s Day surprises. A unique place in Europe where you can find good temperatures and win back the love of your life surrounded by beaches, palm trees and outdoor activities. And if that wasn’t enough, February is the month of carnival throughout the Canary Islands, what more could you ask for?

Tenerife in february

Tenerife Carnival

The Tenerife Carnival is one of the most famous and eagerly awaited carnivals in the world. It takes place in the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and to a lesser extent in all the municipalities of the island. Every year in February comes this multitudinous event known for its animation, music, costumes and dances. The celebration lasts several weeks and offers a variety of activities for all ages, fancy dress parades, a gala election of the queen, music and dance competitions and thousands of people in the streets.

If you are looking for fun, frolic and atmosphere, there is no better time to visit Tenerife. Here are some tips for your carnival stay:

  • Buy a costume or pack it in your suitcase from home, everyone goes in costume, don’t be ashamed.
    Competitions and activities take place in the afternoon and evening.
  • The party in the streets goes on all through the early hours of the morning and into the early hours of the following morning.
  • Public transport intensifies its journeys during these days.
  • The street party stage lasts 9 days.
  • Talk to the people, get to know, enjoy and experience the carnival from the inside. It’s a very healthy atmosphere where you’ll have a great time.

Tenerife february

Valentine’s Day in Tenerife

A less festive, but more romantic way to spend your stay in Tenerife in February is to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner. What better gift for this day than an express trip to Tenerife, a stay at Villa Mandi Golf & Resort and the large number of romantic activities that can be done on the island?

Here are some tips to complete your travel experience with some plans worthy of Romeo and Juliet.

  • Tenerife has one of the most spectacular skies in the world. Due to its geographical location and the lack of pollution, the observation of celestial stars is incredible at night. Is there a more romantic plan than observing the universe together? You can find a multitude of companies dedicated to this type of experience.
  • Wine is another of the works of art that decorate the island. There are several denominations of origin that are differentiated by the microclimates typical of the Canary Islands. Visit a winery, toast to love and enjoy the island’s wines.
  • Nature of all kinds. Beaches and mountains just a few kilometres away. Hiking or the ocean, whatever you both like best on holiday. Lush, fairy-tale landscapes and black or white sandy beaches to explore. Tenerife and its natural spaces will leave you with the best photo.
  • Staying with us is a great option to complete your holidays with comfort and convenience. Check our website and enjoy February in Tenerife with Villa Mandi Golf & Resort.