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The Christmas weather in Tenerife

The Christmas weather in Tenerife is warm and pleasant. A perfect combination with the spirit of solidarity of all the people of Tenerife.

Think you need to travel to the southern hemisphere to enjoy sunshine and warm temperatures during the Christmas season? You couldn’t be more wrong. There is one place left in Europe, a small paradise in our continent to get a tan and swim in the sea without worries. Today we are going to get to know the weather in Tenerife during Christmas.

Tenerife has a subtropical oceanic climate, which means warm, mild temperatures with little variation throughout the year. In addition, it is a climate with a fairly high relative humidity due to the trade winds. During the month of December, the average temperature on our island is 21°C and can drop slightly to 19°C. With only 40mm and about 2 days of rain likely, rain will not be a problem throughout your holiday.

Our environment is an ideal destination to enjoy the weather in Tenerife during Christmas. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the islands during these short winter holidays fleeing the cold of mainland Europe or flying over the Atlantic. The pleasant temperatures allow you to relax by the pool of your hotel in the middle of December and receive Father Christmas’ presents in your swimming costume, sandals and towel. What’s more, if you’re a bit lucky, you may find some of the first snowfalls of the year on the peaks of Mount Teide.

christmas weather Tenerife

An island of contrasts

Although we have indicated that the temperature on the island is very stable, there are certain differences between municipalities. In the north, temperatures are cooler, as cloud cover is much more concentrated in this area due to the island’s orography. In the south the climate is much more favourable, the sun shines more during the winter months and temperatures vary less between day and night.

Then you may find higher altitude municipalities such as La Laguna or areas of the island such as the Teide National Park that need shelter when you decide to visit. It can’t all be about sunshine during your winter holidays, contrasts are welcome.

Christmas lights

Although it may seem strange that good weather and Christmas go hand in hand, in Tenerife it is quite possible. The Christmas spirit of the Canarian people is quite tangible and the Christmas lights form a beautiful spectacle all over the island.

Most municipalities offer visitors a beautiful spectacle of light and colour, and you might be able to see it in short sleeves. You won’t be short of Christmas spirit and elements of this time of year, the only difference is that you’ll have a pleasant climate in which to enjoy it. On the other hand, the Three Wise Men parades are also important on the island. At the end of the Christmas period, on the 5th of January, boys and girls take to the streets to accompany these magical visitors as they hand out their gifts. An unforgettable night where you can see the illusion in the eyes of the little ones.

christmas weather in Tenerife

Christmas at Villa Mandi

And if you want to complete your winter experience, you can count on Villa Mandi for your stay. The hotel is full of atmosphere, Christmas decorations and activities related to this special time of the year. In addition, special dinners are held during the most important dates and the atmosphere is full of positive energy and good vibes.

Remember that on our website you can find the latest offers to experience Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve or the arrival of the Three Wise Men while staying with us. It is a magical time that we would love to live with you.