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Enjoy without limits the best vegan restaurants in Tenerife.

Do not worry about the ingredients of the meal you order and enjoy fresh and tasty food at the best vegan restaurants in Tenerife.

Gastronomical culture changes every single day. Years ago it was unthinkable to believe that we will be able to create mozzarella cheese from cashews or that people will be able to live and evolve without the need to eat animal-based food. Veganism grows by leaps and bounds and restaurants need to adapt to the society demands. Nowadays there are an infinity of vegan restaurants in Tenerife where you can enjoy food without reading the ingredients of the dishes as if your life depended on it.

vegan restaurants Tenerife

100% vegan/vegetarian restaurants

Tierra Café is a chain of vegan and vegetarian cafeterias. All of them offer an “all day brunch” menu, smoothies, juices, smoothie bowls, buddha bowls, and a selection of sweets, wraps and sandwiches. Also in their permanent menu they have their own special and 3 salud choices that they change daily. Their menu focuses on veggies and fruits that they grow at their own family farm. All the containers that they use are compostable and recyclables. Enjoy these flavours that will surprise your taste buds.

Buena Vida Vegan is characterised by their “slow food” concept. This new name for food is the opposite concept to the well-known “fast food”. It is based on home made and healthy food. Slow food stands out for its use of fresh and natural products, its flavour and the supply of vitamins and macronutrients. In this restaurant you will enjoy a huge variety of products qualified as “slow food”. You will be able to taste their amazing dishes such as their gyozas filled with jackfruit and shiitake, barbecue soy meat bao buns or their famous cashew mozzarella.

In Restaurante Eco Eco Brunch & Café they also appreciate the slow food movement. They stand out for their incredible homemade vegan and vegetarian dishes such as their portobello mushroom burgers, topped with gluten-free plan and accompanied by sweet potato, their special sauce and salad. You can also enjoy their textured soya burritos wrapped in chickpea tortilla. If you have a sweet tooth you have to try their amazing açai bowl which will make you want to eat healthy every single day. Açai is filled with healthy fats, vitamins, proteins, fibre and antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system among many benefits.

vegan restaurant in Tenerife

Restaurants with vegan/vegetarian options

A 5 minute drive away you will find Pistacho Coffee Brunch, an ideal place for those who love to eat healthy and well. Their dishes are handmade with the best natural and fresh ingredients. They have a huge selection of breakfasts and lunches. Even though it is not a proper vegan restaurant, they adapt their dishes to all publics and offer possibilities for everyone.

The best sellers are buddha bowls and their brunches. For those that do not know anything about buddha bowls, this dish stands out for having every single macronutrient needed for human bodies. Rice or quinoa base, protein source, greens, nuts and a tasty sauce. The perfect option if you need energy for your day!

Straight from Hawaii, this is the food that is going viral everywhere, poke bowls. Its success is due to the use of raw fish, usually tuna, marinated in various dressings that usually include soy and sesame sauce. To the mix they add fresh ingredients such as seaweed, avocado, mando, carrot or tomatoes and it is served in a bowl on top o a rice base. Finally it is topped with your sauce of choice and a crunchy touch with crispy onion or sesame seeds. Poke Hut Los Cristianos is the ideal place if you want to enjoy fresh and savoury food. It is located in the streets of the old town of Los Cristianos but you can order take away and enjoy it on the beach.

For those indecisive people who never know what to order we have The Burger Cafe. This restaurant has a thousand options to choose from. From tacos filled with vegan heura beef, onion, cabbage, tomato and teriyaki sauce to beetroot falafel wraps, cucumber, tomato, spinach and Greek yoghurt sauce. They have options for all tastes and tastes, so come and discover their amazing flavours.

In our restaurants you can also enjoy vegan and vegetarian options and you will have all these restaurants just minutes away from you. Leave the tupperware at home when you visit Villa Mandi Golf & Resort.