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Find the best place to see the stars in Tenerife

The sky in the Canary Islands is special, a world astronomical reference. Today we are going to discover where to see the stars in Tenerife in the most comfortable way.

Astronomy tourism is becoming increasingly popular among nature lovers. The observation of the stars involves a scientific factor and a very powerful visual beauty factor, so it is a perfect activity for experts and amateurs in the field. In the Canary Islands we have a special sky, a sky that is more and more distinguished in a polluted and dirty world ecosystem. Today we are going to find out where to see the stars in Tenerife.

Tenerife is in a privileged geographical position for stargazing, at a relative distance from the Earth’s equator. In addition, it has a very beneficial orography, as there are points at an altitude of more than 2,500 metres above sea level, far from any type of light pollution. These two factors, together with the trade winds and the thermal inversion, which prevent the formation of clouds at a certain altitude, make our island a perfect destination for lovers of the stars, planets, galaxies and any other element.

see the stars in Tenerife

The protection and observation of the sky

The Canary Islands have a special Sky Law. Pioneers in the world and approved in the Spanish Parliament in 1988. Our islands are protected against light pollution, radioelectric pollution and atmospheric pollution, three factors that can cloud stargazing. Even air traffic is banned in areas of influence for professional telescopes.

This is a way of protecting the environment, ensuring the ability of all visitors to the islands to observe a clean sky in all its splendour. In this way, astronomy professionals have all the facilities they need to study the origin and development of the universe. Since the 19th century, scientists have greatly valued the Canarian sky. Piazzi Smyth settled on the slopes of Mount Teide to observe the night sky and since then this scientific phenomenon has not stopped growing. Tenerife has the GREGOR solar telescope, the largest solar telescope in Europe. The commitment to astronomy is clear on the islands.

see the stars Tenerife

Where to see the stars in Tenerife

There are many different strategic points on our island for stargazing. You can do this activity on your own, like a true adventurer, or with the help of specialised companies that offer equipment, training and different observation routes.

Volcano Teide offers different excursions to observe the firmament, from dusk to night, including a visit to the Teide scientific observatory. Discover Experience is another of the companies in Tenerife that is responsible for bringing the culture of the sky to all tourists and those interested with its excursions.

If we are talking about places to see the stars, there are several strategic points for a more comfortable and better observation.

  • The Guajara Mountains. With a maximum height of 2,715 metres, they are historically a key point. It was here that the first observations of Halley’s comet were made in 1910. After a nice walk you can enjoy the sky and the panoramic views of Mount Teide.
  • Izaña is a key point for scientific observation, at over two thousand metres you will find the Canary Islands Astrophysical Institute and the main telescopes on the island.
  • The La Ruleta viewpoint is a great place to find parking and set up your telescope in peace and quiet. In front of the Roques de García many companies take advantage of it to start their activity.
  • There are other places and viewpoints designed for this purpose, such as the Llano de Ucanca viewpoint, the Tabonal Negro viewpoint or the area around the Parador. Perfect places to see the stars in Tenerife.