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Fall in love with the best Almond Blossom trails in Tenerife

Pink inspires courtesy, sensitivity, delicacy, dreaminess, romanticism… Discover the best Almond Blossom trails in Tenerife and let yourself be seduced by their beauty.

With the arrival of January and February, the west of Tenerife turns pink. This special and unique phenomenon is due to the blossoming of the almond trees in this part of the island. Find out which are the best almond blossom trails in Tenerife and where to find them.

Almond Blossom trails Tenerife

Almond blossom in Santiago del Teide

The number of events that happen every day in Tenerife are practically innumerable and it is quite difficult to take them all into account. But there are some that are engraved in our calendars. One of these is the blossoming of the Almond trees in Santiago del Teide. This event is adored not only by hikers but also by tourists and families who travel from all over the world to witness this event.

Every year the Town Council’s Department of Culture is responsible for setting up the Almond Blossom Campaign, which aims to remind people of the importance of these dates and to attract new visitors. To experience this event first hand, you must travel to the west of the island, specifically to Santiago del Teide. The first thing you will see is La Avenida de la Iglesia, the most important street in the municipality. You will soon discover that the whole town has been dyed pink, and not only because of the flowers but also because of the shop fronts and signs that colour the streets.

The Almond Tree Route

The route of the Almond Blossom is quite simple and can be done with the family, as a couple or alone. It has a total of 9.71 kilometres, a dirt surface and volcanic soil. It is a one-way route, so you will end up at a different point from where you started, but you can always turn around and return to the starting point. Therefore, it would be very interesting to know the conditions and needs before starting the route in order to adapt to them.

The starting point will be in the square of Santiago del Teide, where you will be able to observe the almond trees in blossom that dominate the place. Once there, we have to look for Placeta street, which is located behind the church. After a couple of detours to the right, you will come to the path that will lead you to the almond tree path. And after a short walk, the best moment arrives. It is time to enjoy nature and the landscape, surrounded by blossoming trees and appreciating a landscape with a magical history. Two kilometres further on you will see the exact spot where the lava from the Chinyero Volcano stopped, on its way to Santiago del Teide.

After enjoying this walk you can head to one of our wonderful beaches and enjoy the calm that reigns on the island and feel rewarded after a long walk.

Almond Blossom trails in Tenerife

Our recommendations

When doing this type of hike, as well as being excited, you need to be prepared. You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes that allow you to move easily. Also, taking into account the time of year when the almond trees are in blossom, the temperature will have dropped. Likewise, as we are at an altitude of more than 1,000 metres, we must take into account that it can be quite cold. So, whatever time of year you go, don’t forget to take some warm clothes.

As well as walking the trail and getting fit while enjoying the unique landscape, there are other activities you can do in the municipality during these dates. In January and February there is a wide gastronomic offer that revolves around almonds, you can’t miss it. This offer includes everything from sweets to meat, fish… All based on the star ingredient, the almond.

Lastly, if you are coming for tourism, we recommend that you stay in a comfortable place where you can rest. You’ll need it after all that walking. And there is no better place than the Hotel Villa Mandi Golf Resort. Enjoy a very pink holiday!