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The 10 hidden beaches of Tenerife that you must visit

If you want your trip to be different and special, you should look for the magical corners of your destination. We will help you discover the hidden beaches of Tenerife.

We have the immense good fortune to live in a unique maritime paradise. The Canary Islands have a coastline of 1,583 kilometres and are generally flat with wide beaches in the province of Las Palmas and a little more rugged in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. A variety that causes contrast and beauty between all the islands and makes the Canary Islands a unique region in the world. Today we are going to get to know some of the best hidden beaches of Tenerife.

Beaches in the south of Tenerife

Diego Hernández Beach. Also known as Caleta de los Hippies, this is a place where you can enjoy white sand and crystal clear water. With a privileged view of the island of La Gomera, you will have the tranquillity of a beach that is not very crowded. Access is easy along an established path. It is located in Adeje and it is advisable to visit at low tide.

Montaña Pelada Beach. This beach is located in the municipality of Granadilla, in the south of the island. With white sand and grey tones, this cove will delight all visitors with its tranquillity and good tides. What’s more, if you take to the trails in the area you can discover new places such as Playa de la Rajita or Playa Escondida. It’s time to experiment along the trails of the Tenerife coast.

Masca Beach. One of the beaches furthest away from the urban centres of the whole island. Masca beach is known for being the end point of its steep ravine, the only possible access point by land. It is currently closed most of the year due to its dangerous nature. It is possible to access the beach by sea, renting a small boat or taking part in a water excursion. It is visually incredible to be surrounded by so much natural beauty.

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Beaches in the north of Tenerife

El Bollullo, El Ancón and Los Patos. These three beaches are some of the most spectacular in the north of Tenerife. Located in the municipality of La Orotava, they have steep cliffs surrounding their deep black sand due to their volcanic origin. These three beaches are located one after the other, with varying degrees of difficulty in terms of access. El bollullo is the easiest and most popular, with many surfers and bodyboarders practising these sports here. It also has a beach bar where you can order whatever you need during your visit. El Ancón and Los Patos are much less crowded beaches and difficult to access at certain times of the year. Discover the north of the island and its amazing capacity to surprise you.

Castro and La Fajana. Two beaches that are also in the same area, in this case belonging to the municipality of Los Realejos. A half-hour walk through an area with a multitude of stairs and viewpoints will take you to this natural paradise. For a productive swim, it is important to check the tides beforehand. At the Playa de Castro you will find a beautiful waterfall where many people choose to have their photograph taken.

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Beaches of Anaga

Antequera Beach. One of the least crowded beaches on the island despite its outstanding beauty. This is due to the fact that the access to the beach is quite complicated or requires considerable physical effort. The paths are quite difficult and the other option is to use a boat-taxi to get to and from the small jetty. Among the Anaga forests you will discover this marvel of ochre sand.

Benijo Beach. As Andrés Suárez points out in his song inspired by the beach: “we declare ourselves guilty of the rise of the sea”. As soon as you arrive you will see volcanic cliffs in the middle of the sea, you won’t be able to take your eyes off their beauty. After a drive with the occasional bend in the road, you’ll only have to walk down a 10-minute flight of stairs to reach a beach of black sand and dark blue sea.

These are just some of the magical spots you can find on our island. Uncrowded places to get to know the true essence of paradise. We would be delighted to suggest these and other hidden beaches of Tenerife in Villa Mandi Golf & Resort.