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Tenerife with Children in Winter: A Family Adventure

Discover the best activities to enjoy Tenerife with children in winter. The island of eternal summer will offer you unique opportunities.

When we think of winter vacations, we often imagine snowy landscapes, sub-zero temperatures, Christmas markets and short days. However, there is one corner of Spain that defies this perception: Tenerife, the island of eternal summer. With its year-round mild climate, the island is a perfect destination for families who want to escape the winter cold and enjoy a vacation full of fun and adventure. Discover the best experiences that Tenerife offers with children in winter.

Themes Parks

Tenerife in winter is an even more special destination, especially for families with children. With its pleasant climate and wide variety of activities and attractions, Tenerife offers an unforgettable experience for children. From exploring the golden sandy beaches to delving into the lush nature of its interior, children will find endless opportunities for fun and learning on this island. Visits to theme parks, such as Siam Park or Loro Parque, where they can discover exotic animals and enjoy thrilling rides, are just the beginning of the adventure.

In addition, Tenerife has easy hiking trails ideal for the little ones, visits to el Teide, picturesque villages and a rich culture that will make both parents and children fall in love with this corner of the Atlantic. If there is something truly unique about Tenerife, it is its microclimates. You can enjoy snowy corners like at el Teide or take advantage of the warm climate on the coast of the island. So you need to create a complete suitcase for all the plans that await you. The possibilities are endless but these are our favourite activities to do in Tenerife in winter with children.

Discover new animals

First of all, Loro Parque is a fun zoo that houses a wide variety of exotic animals and offers shows that will captivate the little ones. What makes it particularly special is its large collection of exotic birds, with more than 4,000 parrots of 350 different species, which has given it the name “Loro Parque”.

In addition to the birds, you can find an impressive variety of animals, from dolphins and orcas to sharks and penguins. Children can also enjoy attractions and shows throughout the day. With these activities they will not only have fun but also learn. Loro Parque not only offers visitors an unforgettable experience, but also contributes significantly to the protection of the world’s wildlife and to raising awareness of the importance of preserving endangered species.

Tenerife Children Winter

Teide painted in white

Secondly, a visit to the Teide National Park is a unique experience, where children can explore a breathtaking volcanic landscape. For nature and astronomy lovers, Teide is a privileged place. It is a true natural treasure and a symbol of the island that attracts visitors and arouses admiration all over the world.

It is a place to visit any day of the year, but in winter, Teide is even more special. It is bathed in white snow and becomes an ideal destination to enjoy with children. Every winter, it fills up with families on buggies who surf the waves of snow that are formed on the mountains, have snowball fights and compete to see who can make the best snowman.

Fall in love with the corners of Tenerife

The beaches of Tenerife offer an idyllic setting for a family holiday, especially for children. With their clean, crystal-clear waters, the island’s coasts are an ideal destination for the little ones. Beaches such as Las Vistas have calm, shallow waters, perfect for children to splash about in safely. In addition, Tenerife’s beaches offer a wide variety of water sports that can be enjoyed as a family, such as snorkelling and paddle surfing. In short, Tenerife’s beaches provide a paradisiacal setting for children to have fun and enjoy the sun and sea in a safe and friendly environment every day of the year.

And if none of these plans are to your liking, you can always enjoy the good gastronomy, the great facilities and the fun of the Villa Mandi hotel.