Villa Mandi Golf Resort

Submarine adventure in the south of Tenerife

We have known different ways of enjoying the island, but never from this perspective. The crystalline waters, the great variety of marine landscapes and the warm temperature of the water of this zone of the world, create a fantastic scene to enjoy authentic submarine adventures. If you dare to go one step further with exclusive and different experiences, you can’t miss these two ideas we bring you: submarine excursion in Tenerife south and diving to explore the seabed.


One of the most exclusive family experiences is to enjoy a submarine immersion in the waters of the south of Tenerife. Climbed aboard a 106-ton yellow submarine that, once submerged, you will experience an unexplained sense of levity. You will descend to a depth of 30 meters, about 100 feet approximately. Suddenly, the marine fauna will surprise you during the first moments of your walk. All you have to do is enjoy!

During the excursion, an expert will provide you with curious information about the seabed of the area and the different species, as well as explanations about the technical particularities of the submarine itself. A safe and spacious boat with 44 seats and 22 ox eyes to admire marine life with total clarity and in all its splendor.

If you are on holiday at Villa Mandi Golf Resort we propose numerous plans to enjoy your family holidays and get to know the essence of the island, but if you want to extend them, a dive in the Atlantic Ocean will be a truly unique experience in life.


-Duration: 1 hour.
-Timetables: daily with departures at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 and 14:00.
-San Miguel (Tenerife South)



Diving is another activity you can’t miss if you’re passionate about underwater adventures. Whether you want to get started in this water sport or if you’ve already practiced it before, you must include it in your list for this holiday!

The Atlantic Ocean that bathes the Canary Islands usually has cold marine currents. However, the location of the Archipelago and its subtropical climate make the water temperature always pleasant. During the coldest months, they can go down to 18°C and during the warmest months they can go up to 24°C. As we commented, the volcanic origin of the Canary Islands makes diving in Tenerife show you an incredible landscape under the sea.

There are many places to dive, but in the south there are only a few. One of them, is El Bufadero, in Los Cristianos, which with a low difficulty or beginner. It has a rocky bottom and around 10 meters deep. When you dive you can see yourself surrounded by sea turtles and rays turning your environment into a visual spectacle.

The island has numerous centers that help you take your first steps and have ideal facilities to live a great aquatic experience. They will help you whether you want to take the first steps or if you are an expert and will inform you about the culture of respect and care for marine wildlife and the environment. You will discover an amazing sea bed, full of species that will make your Canarian experience unforgettable.