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Single parent family holidays, the time to enjoy your children

There are many people every day who start the adventure of travelling with their children. We will show you how to enjoy a single parent family holidays in Tenerife.

The conception of the current family is becoming more and more variable, there are many families with only one adult who are looking to enjoy a few days off with their children. Single parent family holidays are common and do not limit the enjoyment at all. Being a single parent is something that should motivate you to make the most of the free time you share with the youngest members of the household.

This article will not talk about romantic packages, holidays with your couple or romantic dinners. We will try to advise you on how to spend the best moments with the most important people in your life, those who motivate you to move forward, your children.

Single parent holidays

Tenerife and your single parent family holidays

Tenerife is an ideal place to travel with children, there are a multitude of activities that you can do to have a complete and fun holiday. Today we are going to advise you on some of them, organised plans for children to learn, enjoy themselves and never forget that mum or dad took them on holiday to the Canary Islands.

Siam Park

The tourist attraction par excellence on our island. Siam Park is an oriental-style water park that has already been named best water park in the world for the seventh consecutive year. It is a reference point for foreign tourists and children have a great time going down its winding slides or enjoying a beach with artificial waves. You won’t regret visiting this place with attractions for all ages.

Loro Park

You will find mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and all kinds of animals at Loro Park. A zoo with decades of experience in the conservation of the environment and the protection of the planet’s species. Children will be able to observe dozens of animals up close and learn all they need to know about them.
It also has four shows where they can get to know dolphins, orcas, parrots and sea lions better.


Do you think your children would like to climb to the top of the highest mountain in our country in a cable car with panoramic views? We think it’s a great plan to share with the little ones and show them an unforgettable landscape.
At 3,718 metres above sea level, Mount Teide is the essence of Tenerife. You’ll find a multitude of organised excursions adapted to your needs, some of them as incredible as night sky watching. With one of the clearest and brightest skies in the world, sharing your children’s knowledge of astronomy will be an unbeatable experience.

Whale and dolphin watching

The Canary Islands are a must for many marine species seeking warmer waters. Sailing the Atlantic Ocean along the coast of Los Gigantes to see dolphins, pilot whales, sperm whales or turtles is something that impresses children and adults alike. A different way of experiencing first-hand the close relationship between Tenerife and the sea that surrounds it.

Enchanted forest

In the mountains of Anaga you will discover incredible trails, although this experience is not planned for young children. The enchanted forest trail is seven kilometres round trip. It is short and perfect to get you started in this activity while you get to know the thousand-year-old laurel forests on the island.

Single parent holidays

Villa Mandi as the ideal accommodation

At Villa Mandi Golf & Resort we are very clear that your children’s happiness is your happiness. We have a wonderful team of professionals in the world of entertainment to carry out the most fun and educational activities during your stay.

A complete programme of games, experiences and entertainment in the hotel so that you can have your minutes of peace and quiet. We help you manage your single parent family holidays with our dedication.