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Markets of Tenerife that you should visit

The markets of Tenerife have become an important centre in the daily life of the cities and a place where you can find good quality products from the land. In addition, these markets have also become tourist routes. It is an authentic experience and a journey to the most deeply rooted traditions of this land.

In these markets, you can even try the old haggling trick, as it involves direct sales with the farmer. In them we can find craft stalls, fruit, vegetables, fashion, costume jewellery, even toys. If you join us, we’ll take a walk through some of the most outstanding.

Municipal Market Ntra Sra de África

It is the main one of the capital, it offers all its visitors a commercial offer of great variety and flavour. Founded in the 1940s, the market is still today a reference point for the city. It has a modern annexed shopping centre and free parking for customers.

Markets in Tenerife

La Laguna Market

It’s the most complete food market in Tenerife (whether spices, flowers, plants, fish, meat or poultry). It also offers cheeses, cakes and wines. It’s located in the heart of the historic center of the city, of great commercial and tourist interest. It emphasizes the quality of its products and the spectacular exhibition of the same ones.

Farmer’s Market Of Tacoronte

It was founded in 1980, and offers the peasant tanner the possibility of trading his agricultural products without the intervention of intermediaries. In the different stalls, the natural products of the area such as fruit, vegetables, fish, as well as artisan products such as pastries, cheese, honey are offered for sale. In addition, you can also buy wines from small family wineries.

Adeje Agromarket

It offers citizens products derived from horticulture, livestock, crafts, beekeeping, confectionery and floristry.

It has 35 stands to carry out an extension of the rural world for the exhibition and sale in origin of products of the land that development of the agrarian culture where an offer of quality of guarantees of food security is presented.

Los Cristianos Market

It may be the biggest market in the south of the island, an ideal place to do your shopping and take a Sunday morning stroll. You’ll find stalls offering fashion, crafts, gifts, jewellery, costume jewellery and toys. It is common to see how customers try to haggle over prices to sellers.

Markets in Tenerife

Farmer’s Market Santiago del Teide

Located in the square of Santiago del Teide is one of the most important markets in terms of crafts and ecology in the area. Its 15 stalls are set up every Saturday and Sunday, where you can find all kinds of handicrafts, cheeses, vegetables, fruits and traditional pastries of the area.

Farmer’s Market San Miguel

Located in the industrial estate of Las Chafiras, it is open only on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. It is one of the first to open its doors in the south of Tenerife 19 years ago. It has 66 stalls where you can find a great variety of fruits and vegetables that are sold directly to you by the same farmers, favouring the agricultural and artisan sector of the region for the sale of its traditionally elaborated products, which provide fresh, economic and quality products.

During your holidays at Villa Mandi Golf Resort it is possible to visit several of these markets of Tenerife, due to their proximity. Also, if you want to have a more complete experience in your visit to Tenerife in our blog we leave you other options to have fun during your holidays.