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Lava and salt; volcanic pools in Tenerife

Tenerife’s volcanic pools are another attraction when visiting the island. Go from black sand beaches to these pools of crystal clear water in your experience in the archipelago.

Our island is a unique place due to its geological characteristics. There are many volcanic pools in Tenerife that are perfect for a good swim away from the usual black or white sand beaches. Charcos, natural pools, cliffs, there are many names for these places and they are part of the philosophy of the Canary Islanders to spend a different day. The western islands, all of them more rugged, are the ones with the greatest number of pools on their coasts. In Tenerife, the northern slopes of the island, especially the area of Garachico, Buenavista and Icod, are the most popular. Although we should also point out that in the south of the island you can find magnificent natural pools.

The soil of the islands, and therefore their coasts, are totally volcanic in origin. The soils are alkaline and rocks such as basalts, tranquites and phonolites predominate. The magma from the ancient eruptions was very fluid, which allowed it to reach the coasts without any problem and to build our coastline. Let’s list some of the main volcanic pools in Tenerife in order from south to north.

volcanic pools Tenerife

Crab island pool

One of the areas modified by man’s intervention, this natural pool is sheltered by a concrete wall to avoid the waves in the area. You can enjoy a wonderful view of the cliffs of Los Gigantes. It is located in the municipality of Santiago del Teide and is easily accessible through the urbanisation of the same name. Enjoy this little piece of paradise with the whole family.

Charco de los Abrigos

With a slightly more complicated access, this puddle is practically natural, little more than a staircase has been built by man to go up and down from the bathing area. Very close to Playa de la Tejita, between El Médano and Los Abrigos, you will find this place, which is not very well signposted. You’ll have to trust your instinct and check with local visitors.

Charcos de La Jaquita

Watching the sunset with the island of La Gomera in the background from these natural pools in Guía de Isora is a pleasure for the senses. These pools are quite comfortable, as man has provided the facilities. There is a convenient paved area to lay your towel and there is a beach nearby if you want to explore other options. There are also shops and services in the area.

Bajamar Pools

On the coast of San Cristóbal de la Laguna you can see these wonderful man-made natural pools. Maximum comfort and refreshment facilities. It has showers, towel area and a wonderful postcard souvenir when the waves dash against the wall.

pools Tenerife

Charco de la Laja

This charco is located in the municipality of San Juan de la Rambla. A small northern village with several natural volcanic pools. In this case man’s collaboration has been very little invasive and the swimming can be dangerous in bad tide conditions, as the swell is part of the pool. At a good tide it is a real pleasure to enjoy a swim in this crystal clear pool surrounded by local people.

Charco de los chochos

The charco de los Chochos is named after the fact that the local inhabitants used to soak their lupins, known in the Canary Islands as chochos, in this place. It is located in the municipality of Los Silos and very close to another famous puddle, el charco de La Araña. A natural bath with the figure of Mount Teide behind you in this famous spot in the north of the island.

Let yourself be guided by the hidden island landscapes or if you are a landlubber and prefer to enjoy a quiet holiday in the pool of your hotel, Villa Mandi Golf & Resort is the right place for your trip. We look forward to welcoming you.