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Animals and nature, know the farms to go with kids in Tenerife

Having a good time with your kids while they learn about nature is a pretty fun and easy plan that you can do without any problem. Here we prepare a list of the best farms to go with kids in Tenerife.

Introducing the little ones of the family to nature and other living creatures can be a step filled with fun and knowledge. Studies made by the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States of America, show that the presence and relation of kids with animals does not only create a fun environment for the kids, but also helps them to deal better with human interactions, feel more empathy and to, in some cases, deal better with anxiety. The most common relation between kids and animals is by having pets like dogs and cats; but it is quite interesting to introduce them to other types of animals, that’s why we have prepared a list of farms to go with kids in Tenerife.

Tenerife is not only the ideal place to enjoy a time of sunbathing and going to incredible beaches; it also has a huge diversity of nature that allows a place for very exotic animals to live in. From whales to camels, this amazing island has the best spaces to make your kids connect with nature, animals and for them to learn more about the world that surrounds them.

farms to go with kids in Tenerife

A true farm experience

If what you are looking for is a moment on a true farm, Finca el Carreton is the perfect place to go. It has a faithful structure to the ideas we have of what a farm is, and they have a lot of animals that the kids can meet. Here they can also learn the process of some foods by meeting chickens, goats or pigs. This farm allows the visitors to meet freely all the spaces they have, and they do some pretty unique activities like riding a pony or milking a goat. If you like fresh products, here they have a small market in which you can find fruits and vegetables naturally planted there, also they do typical canary sweets.

Another great option with a special twist is the Camel Park. Here you will not only enjoy a day at a farm, but also go out of the way a bit more and introduce your kids to real camels without having to go to the Sahara. Besides, here they can also have the opportunity to ride some of the camels, a plan that you will not find anywhere else.

Farm kids in Tenerife

Learning in the farm

Knowing the animals is by itself a very interesting activity, but if you want your kids to learn more about nature and its implication, in EcoGranja La Aldea you can find the perfect plan for this. In this center of environmental education they have a program called “One rural day” in which they encourage kids to not only get close with animals but also learn how farms live is through various activities like how to plant, how to deal with the animals and learn a bit more about what an ecospace is.

With this program, the little ones of the house can learn the importance of animals and deal with them directly. Besides, they can also learn how some foods like cereal, cheese and milk are made; and also learn about renewable energies and the importance of taking care of the environment.

The “must” of Canary Islands

And if you want to give them a day meeting a huge variety of animals and also going to the most important touristic place of Tenerife, you can not miss going to Loro Parque. It might not be a traditional farm, but this modern zoo has a lot of special species, and it’s certificated to be a responsible space for the environment.
Whales, parrots, monkeys and more are just some of the special animals that the kids can meet in this zoo, and also enjoy some of the most fantastic shows that you can only find in Tenerife.

Family days

For the rest of your days on the Island, the idea is to have a vacation in a place where the kids can have as much fun as they want and that you can relax and rest. In Villa Mandi Golf Resort you will find the perfect place to have the best family vacations, enjoy the sun, an incredible pool and the best views ever. The perfect alternative to farms to go with kids in Tenerife