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Kid´s hotels in Tenerife, the paradise of the little ones

Going on vacation is one of the best experiences we can have, but there is a secret to make them more than unforgettable: the must be in kid´s hotels in Tenerife and with the youngest members of the family joining the adventure!

In this blog we will tell you the keys to a good family vacation and the essentials that kid´s hotels in Tenerife must have, being one of the main tourist attractions that we find on the island and one of the key points that we must take into account when we plan our vacations with our loved ones. Fortunately, there are many kid´s hotels in Tenerife that offer a wide range of activities and services to ensure a fun and exciting vacation for the whole family.

hotels for kids in TenerifeThe must-haves for kids

Let’s start with what’s important! What are the must-haves for kid´s hotels in Tenerife to enjoy an unforgettable vacation? Take notes:

  • Animation: One of the indispensable things where the fun of the little ones is the protagonist. It is important to have a highly professional animation team and a brilliant program so that all your vacations are pure fun and the children spend the day laughing. In Villa Mandi Golf Resort we have it clear!
  • Playgrounds: Park with slides, toys, ping-pong, billiards and everything you can imagine. A playground is essential for the little ones to have fun giving free rein to their imagination.
  • Swimming pool: More than essential when we talk about kid´s hotels in Tenerife! The ideal is to have several pools: one or more for the exclusive use of the little ones. And remember… Children love floats and we know that, that’s why their use is allowed!
  • Mini-disco: Another of the great secrets of hotels for children and in Villa Mandi Golf Resort we know it well, so we have a disco for the little ones. Let’s move the skeleton!
  • Sports: Soccer, chess or water polo. Sports are essential for the little ones to have fun while promoting their health and learning to play as a team. Fun is guaranteed!
  • Playroom: Sometimes children need a break, just like parents, so it is essential to have a care space where they can continue having fun.
  • Spacious rooms: Small rooms and families are not great allies. Kid´s hotels should have large and spacious rooms that guarantee the comfort of the whole family, especially the little ones.

Tenerife kid´s hotels

It is planning time!

Now that you know how to choose kid´s hotels in Tenerife… What should we take into account when planning a family vacation? Here are some tips to consider:

  • Planning: As any vacation plan, it is essential to plan ahead to avoid unforeseen events and last minute stress. Consider the budget, the destination, the duration of the vacation and the activities you want to do. Do you know the TripIt App? We recommend it because it is ideal to plan your vacation and have everything in one place.
  • Accommodation: As we noted above, make sure that the chosen accommodation is suitable for the whole family and it has all the necessary amenities. At Villa Mandi Golf Resort we have modern and spacious rooms for up to 6 adults, such as the famous Duplex. The best option when you want maximum comfort!
  • Activities: A good hotel for children should not meet all the requirements we mentioned above, but it should at least include: shows and entertainment for children, mini-disco, swimming pool and sports. They are essential!
  • Food: Make sure there are suitable food options for all members of the family, including vegetarian, vegan and food allergy options. At Villa Mandi Golf Resort we have created a catering service that perfectly suits you and your individual needs.
  • Safety: This is priority when enjoying family vacations. We must teach first aid and show children how to stay safe in the environment in which they find themselves. Stairs, pool curbs… Safety first!
  • Flexibility: Things don’t always go as you plan, so it is important to consider variations in your vacation and to have an accommodation that takes this into account as well. Count on an accommodation that specializes in families and children! At Villa Mandi Golf Resort we know what we are talking about.

Now you have the keys to organize a perfect family vacation in a kid’s hotels in Tenerife, and if you want to enjoy the best family experience count on us: We are waiting for you!