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Itinerary around Tenerife: 4 days to to enjoy the island at your own pace

If you are thinking about travelling to Tenerife, you must know that this is a unique place whose entertainment offer is very wide and although its nature stands out, there are also essential plans that will complement your travel route. Here we offer you our own itinerary around Tenerife, adapted to all tastes.

Before preparing your route around the island, you should know how many days you will spend and what kind of holidays you like, to make the best use of your time. The good news is that whether you like to go in search of quietness when you travel or you are more the type who wants to explore, learn about traditions and mix with the locals, Tenerife is your place.

Here, we give you our suggestions.

Itinerary around Tenerife for 4 days

Day 1

If your flight to Tenerife lands in Los Rodeos Airport, our first recommendation is go to San Cristobal de La Laguna. Besides the fact that it will only take you 10 minutes to arrive, it is one of the most beautiful villages, recognized as World Heritage.

¿The best offer in town? Walk its colonial streets, breathe its young and bohemian atmosphere and enjoy the great gastronomic offer, both locally and internationally.

Connecting with nature just minutes from the city

itinerary around TenerifeTo continue with your route, we cheer you up to visit the Anaga Rural Park, named Biosphere Reserve. Its proximity with the previous location will make it easier to arrive.

Its incomparable beauty and its own microclimate will note leave you indifferent. Its many routes and trails make this a favourite place for those who want to connect with nature.

To finish the first day of your itinerary around Tenerife, we suggest you walk by Santa Cruz de Tenerife. If you want to relax between visits, Teresitas Beach will be your perfect spot.

García Sanabria Park, the Auditorium of Tenerife Adán Martín or the Mercado de África are some other mandatory stops of the capital of Tenerife. Besides that, the great offer of bars and restaurants make having an appetiser or going out for tapas almost a must.

Day 2

We recommend you reserve the second day of your itinerary around Tenerife to enjoy the charm of the north of the island. The friendliness of its people, the green lands and the views of the Teide will leave you impressed.

In this case, the first stop should be La Orotava, one of the most authentic villages of the island. Its majestic appearance is reflected in some of the most interesting places. Our suggestions? Take a walk around the Liceo Taoro, Jardines Victoria, La Casa de los Balcones and the town hall itself. Walking across its streets will make you feel like time stops.

Itinerary around Tenerife

After visiting La Orotava, our advice is go to the Teide National Park. It’s much easier to arrive from this location. We can’t say much about this stop as its impressive volcanic landscape will leave you speechless.

Next seeing the Teide, your second day can end at Garachico, a location which was the capital of Tenerife centuries ago offers you a wide offer of cultural and recreational activities, such as visits to historic churches, natural pools or delicious and craft ice-creams.

Day 3

Reserve this day to visit Punta de Teno, known for its lighthouse and for being the most western point of Tenerife. It’s the perfect place to swim in the sea, while admiring the most sauvage beauty of the island.

Itinerary around TenerifeThe next stop should be Masca, a small village whose views over the mountains and the sea offers you one of the best postcards in Tenerife.

We suggest you finish your day in Los Gigantes, a location famous for its impressive cliffs and its big offer to watch whales, diving and other aquatic activities.

Day 4

To end your trip to Tenerife, book your last day to visit the south of the island. As well as having a wide range of white sandy beaches, it also offers plenty of places to relax, go shopping or go out for drinks and enjoy the night. Our recommendation? A walk across El Médano, known for hosting windsurf, kitesurf and surf competitions.

A stay tailored to your needs

Before planning your itinerary around Tenerife, remember choosing the right place is an essential step to make your vacation a memorable moment.

At Villa Mandi we want to make your trip perfect and give you the rest you deserve. For that reason, we offer you an accommodation tailored to your needs. Contact us and we will be pleased to help you.