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Find the best paintball in Tenerife

If you still don’t know this peculiar game, here you will discover all the secrets of this pastime that is conquering the whole world and the best places to enjoy paintball in Tenerife.

Many people when they think of holidays imagine a beach, with a light sea breeze and the smell of salt flooding their olfactory system. But the real magic of holidays is that everyone can tailor and design them to suit their needs and in Tenerife we have options for everyone. If you are a mountain lover, this is the perfect place. If you love the beach and having time to relax, you’re in the right place. If you’re an adrenaline junkie and you’re passionate about tactical games, Tenerife is ideal for you. Get to know the secrets of the pastime that everyone is talking about and all the possibilities that exist for enjoying paintball in Tenerife.

What is paintball

Despite the fact that this pastime has been played for years, there are still many people who do not know what this game consists of. The word paintball comes from English, its name defines perfectly how this pastime works. It is a tactical game in which participants use paintball guns to shoot paintballs at members of the opposing team. Players who are shot are eliminated from the game, either permanently or temporarily, depending on the rules that have been set beforehand.

paintball in Tenerife

When paintball was born

As implausible as it may sound, the game was born out of the imagination of two American boys in the 1970s. The pastime began as a hunting game inspired by a book. Almost two years later, a friend of the boys’ showed them a paintball gun he had found in a catalogue. The gun they were looking at was a marker and was used to mark trees and animals. The friends decided to buy two markers and that’s how their duel turned into the first paintball game. After numerous games they realised that it was time to adapt the weapon to a more recreational use.

Through trial and error the friends began to learn the basic rules of the game and started inviting other friends. It wasn’t until the early 1980s that it was published in a well-known sports magazine. From that moment on, the pastime began to gain momentum and became known all over the world. Thanks to globalisation and the great success of the game in the United States, the friends decided to set up a company to distribute paintball-specific equipment. The company was called Nelson Paint Company and soon became known to all lovers of tactical games.

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How and where to play

Generally, during the game two different teams play against each other with the objective of eliminating the opposing team’s participants or completing an objective such as achieving the victory flag or eliminating a specific participant, these objectives can vary depending on the rules set by the participants. A non-professional paintball game usually lasts from five minutes to half an hour. The game has an infinite number of variants, one of which is the number of balls fired during a game, which can vary considerably.

Some players are able to shoot hundreds of balls while others are able to finish their game without shooting a single ball. Another variant is the location where the game takes place, it can be played indoors or outdoors. The rules can be varied so that participants can enjoy the game in a safe environment.

This game is loved by many and for this reason in Tenerife you can find an infinite number of places where you can enjoy this pastime. The island has seven establishments where you will feel like a child again. Located in the municipality of Güímar is Versus Point Paintball, one of the best-known paintballing establishments on the island. They have the largest paintball area in Tenerife.

Thanks to its location they guarantee an ideal climate all year round and its large dimensions allow you to enjoy birthdays, events, stag and hen parties… The equipment for adults includes a protective mask, chest and back protector, gloves, full body suit, semi-automatic BT4 marker, combat slice and biodegradable balls. You can also enjoy this pastime in Paintball COMAN2, Distrito 9 Paintball.