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Family activities in Tenerife that you can’t miss

Prioritise quality time with your loved ones and recover the time that routine steals you of thanks to these family activities in Tenerife.

Nowadays, with work and various responsibilities, it is often difficult to spend quality time with the family. Therefore, it is necessary to make an effort to spend time with our loved ones, not only physically but also interacting. Spending quality family time is very important for the proper development of children, it gives them better emotional development, greater stability, security and helps them to build relationships with other people. Discover how to invest your family time, these are the family activities in Tenerife that you should not miss.

Importance of family time

Quality family time means sharing and finding an activity that everyone enjoys. There are endless possibilities, it could be a board game, playing hide and seek, watching a film they love, singing songs by their favourite artist… We cannot forget the power of conversation and words. We should ask and talk about simple topics such as how the day went for the other person, what was the best and worst thing about the week, what they learnt, what they could have done to make the day even better. This time of talking is very valuable for people and unlike material things, these moments are never forgotten.

Tenerife is undoubtedly the perfect place if you want to spend quality time with your family. The island has an infinite number of plans that you can carry out and enjoy like never before. What’s more, there are possibilities for everyone.

Family activities in Tenerife

In the company of nature

Xplore Tenerife is a local company that offers two incredible activities for the whole family: kayaking with dolphins and snorkelling with turtles. The main objective of the activities is the observation and appreciation of nature in its natural habitat.

The presence of animals in children’s lives serves as a behavioural stabiliser and most important of all it helps to foster joy and reduces the sadness and fears of childhood. For this reason, if you are travelling with your family, you should get to know the wonderful fauna of the island. Another of the most interesting aspects of this activity is that it is a form of sustainable and ecological tourism. They offer exclusive and specialised excursions for small groups, thus minimising negative impacts on the environment and local fauna.

Their package per person includes:
Kayaks, paddles, life jackets, snorkel and mask, wetsuits in winter, dry buckets for personal belongings, photos of the activity, third party and accident insurance for all participants, fully qualified and experienced guides.

Family activities Tenerife

Las Águilas Jungle Park

Only 11 minutes from our hotel you can find Las Aguilas Jungle Park. The park consists of 7.5 hectares of jungle with more than 500 animals, it contains several trails with tunnels, waterfalls, hanging bridges, and caves. The park also has daily flight shows of exotic birds and birds of prey. A place where you can enjoy the company of the animals. The icon par excellence of this zoo are the eagles and falcons. As well as enjoying the company of the animals, you can enjoy adventures that you will remember for the rest of your life. Don’t miss this unforgettable experience within the family activities in Tenerife.

A different plan for the whole family

Siam Park was built in 2004 and opened in 2008, under the direction of the Kiessling family and over the years it has expanded and today it is considered one of the most important amusement parks in Europe. The amusement park is located in Costa Adeje, 7 minutes away from our facilities. This enclosure is prepared so that everyone can enjoy it. The youngest children can have fun on rides such as “The Lost City”, “Mai Thai River” or the “Naga Racer”.

They can also enjoy the waves on the park’s artificial beach. Older children can enjoy the adrenaline rush on rides such as “Singha”, “Kinnaree” or the most popular “Tower of Power”. This plan is ideal to spend time with your family, get out of the routine and do something out of the ordinary, which will generate new topics of conversation in the family.

Despite all the options you’ve read about, the perfect plan can be as simple as spending an afternoon playing cards with your family in your perfectly equipped room at Villa Mandi. Make up for lost time and relive the magic with us.