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Where eat in Tenerife during your holidays

Where to eat in Tenerife during our holidays? It is possibly one of the most frequently asked questions by those who come to the island for a few days’ holiday.

Tenerife, in addition to sun, beaches, mountains and good weather, is also gastronomy. You will be able to check it on your arrival at Villa Mandi Golf Resort where we have created a wide gastronomic offer for all tastes, and you’ll continue to enjoy it in the many restaurants, guachinches and wineries that spread throughout the island. Don’t think about it any more, during your holidays in Tenerife south, sit at the table and wait for your dish to make you live a unique experience.


Tenerife is the only Canary Island with Michelin star restaurants: 7 stars distributed among 5 restaurants that populate the island. And that makes it a perfect tourist destination to enjoy its cuisine. The potential of the new young chefs arriving and the experience of the older ones converge and have a lot to do with the great step forward that Tenerife cuisine has taken. If we wanted to take a tour of all the restaurants worthy of a visit, we would be faced with an impossible task. Therefore, in this part of the post we propose to make a selection of the most recommended restaurants.

El Rincón de Juan Carlos (Los Gigantes)

This is one of the best rated restaurants and a classic of all rankings. They develop a unique concept through the use and care of Canarian ingredients and products with great creativity, which has led them to hold a Michelin star.

Abama Kabuki (Guía de Isora)

A unique place for lovers of gastronomic experiences. This is a Japanese fusion restaurant, awarded a Michelin star. It is characterized by an exquisite treatment and care for the product, which you can enjoy in 4 different areas: living room, sushi bar, Kabuki bar or Kabuki Space.

San Sebastián 57 (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

An essential experience in the capital for gastronomic lovers. He has been awarded numerous prizes and recognitions for his fresh and colourful cuisine. It is characterized by the elaboration of proposals that gather the essence of the islands and especially by traditional recipes of Lanzarote.

La Posada del Pez (San Andrés)

This small, but cozy local is like a small portion of Galicia in Tenerife. With a traditional line, it stands out for its black cherne dishes. Characterized by the quality product and the treatment by it. In the lower part of the establishment, Abikore, is a new line of very personal cuisine, born out of the Hispanic-Japanese fusion.


Maybe you want to put the luxuries aside and prefer to taste the best home-cooked food accompanied by home-grown wine? Leave the finesse at the door and get ready to live a different gastronomic experience. If when you sit at the table you do it in a folding chair, the cutlery comes stacked in a basket and the tablecloth is made of paper, it’s possible you’re in a Guachinche. Don’t run away, you’re in the right place.


But what’s a guachinche?  

Simply put, a guachinche is a place of traditional Canarian food. Usually installed in a garage of a house fitted out as a makeshift dining room, living rooms of private houses or in the courtyard of a country house. Tables are not usually the same, are not decorated and may not have the best views from your table. But don’t jump to conclusions so quickly, they’re lively, noisy and friendly places. You are probably the only foreigner, but you will enjoy authentic traditional food and live an authentic experience.

They originate mainly in the northern part of the island. The owners of the vineyards were betting on the sides of the roads offering samples of that harvest to the English merchants in the hope of getting their wine exported to other lands. Therefore, to accompany the wine, the winegrowers’ wives offered small portions of home-cooked food. This evolved into what we know today as guachinches.

The objective of the guachinche is the sale of wine, therefore, can be found in the most important wine-growing areas of the island. Tacoronte, La Orotava, La Victoria, El Sauzal, La Matanza o Los Realejos. Some can also be found in the southern part of the island.

With the passage of time, many false guachinches appear which will later be regulated in order to define exactly the concept and who can take advantage of it. Strict business conditions are applied in order to preserve its genuineness. Consult the complete list of available and authentic guachinches from Tenerife by clicking here.

How to detect a fake guachinche

  • It’s carefully decorated.
  • They offer a menu of wines and dishes
  • It is located in a privileged place with views
  • Located in tourist areas
  • Prices are expensive


Canarian food is characterized by the use of local ingredients in all its dishes. Cheeses, wines, fish and autochthonous products such as mojo or gofio are some of the products that make up the great gastronomic variety and establish the seal of identity and quality of the typical dishes of the Canary Islands. Some of the typical dishes of the Canary Islands with which to know the true essence are:

Wrinkled potatoes with mojo

Possibly the dish of Canarian gastronomy par excellence. Simple and tasty when accompanied by red or green mojo. It can be a dish or a garnish, one of the most complete.

Qué comer en tenerife papas arrugadas

Roasted cheese

This is delicious canarian smoked cheese slices roasted. When it reaches its optimum point, red or green mojo is added.

Escaldón de gofio

Gofio is a food native to the Canary Islands. It is recognised by the European Commission as a protected designation of origin. Flour is obtained from roasted cereals. It is usually consumed in different ways, but the escaldón especially is made with meat broth to which vegetables and meat are added later. When you get the dough, you can add green or red mojo.


This is a pasta typical of the island of La Gomera that is prepared to take advantage of cheese that has cured excessively. It is made by hand mashing the cheese with mojo and other ingredients. Ideal for chopping and as an accompaniment.

Rabbit in salmorejo

One of the most well-known and typical dishes of the Canarian gastronomy. The key to the dish lies in the preparation of salmorejo and the quality of the meat. An authentic delicacy.


Canarian stew

It consists of a large quantity of vegetables and some special meat for stew. Delicious and complete dish, can be accompanied by gofio and is one of the best known of the Canarian cuisine.

Beyond these dishes that we have shared, in the Canary Islands there are an endless number of typical dishes made with the best raw materials. As well as many places to visit and enjoy a unique dining experience during your holidays. Dare to discover Tenerife and all it has to offer.