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Discover the hidden gems of Tenerife

Exploring the hidden gems of Tenerife is easier if you can count on the advice of great professionals. Today we are going to give you the keys to some of them.

Our island is a place widely known for its beaches, for its climate, for its tourist attractions, for its maritime activities. We are intimately related to the sea, the ocean and everything that has to do with it. But, in our archipelago we can enjoy much more than that, we can offer you ideal alternatives of trails, mountains and unexpected places. That’s why, in today’s article, we’re going to forget about the coast and focus on the secret places in Tenerife that are located in the higher areas of the island.

Our main advantage compared to other places on the globe is the ease of travel between the sunniest beach and the more than 3700 metres of altitude of our highest peak, the Teide. In little more than an hour we will be able to experience this contrast on our skin, which means that we will pass through the most varied and special vegetation, forests and mountains. It is time to give value to all these places that are overshadowed by the beauty of the Teide National Park and the comfort and splendour of all our beaches.

Hidden gems Tenerife

Roque del Conde

The Roque del Conde is one of the natural landmarks for hikers passing through the Canary Islands. Situated at an altitude of over a thousand metres, the views of the south of the island are breathtaking from its summit. The home of a historic Mencey Guanche now serves as a lookout point for the rule of these ancient governors.

You can see the coast of Adeje, Guía de Isora, San Miguel, Arona, Granadilla, Santiago del Teide, all at a glance. The trail is short, about 2.5 kilometres long, but its difficulty lies in the steepness of the path, as it is a very steep climb. It is well signposted and starts in the Vento district of Arona.

Cruz del Dornajito

If you want to find one of the hidden gems of Tenerife, this is a unique opportunity. This is a circular walk of very low difficulty. It is more than 10 kilometres long, but it is very easy to do with family or friends. We will be in the Corona Forestal Natural Park and we will see the ethnographic park Los Pajares de Aguamansa and the Monteverde de la Orotava.

It is a much greener landscape, compared to the previous recommendation. With views of the Orotava Valley, Puerto de la Cruz and Los Realejos.

Hidden Tenerife

Barranco de Masca

One of the “must” of our island. Although the path has been closed for a long time, controlled access by the park authorities is now possible. The level of difficulty is high, with rocky pavement, and numerous ramps and steps, in some cases with slippery sections. All this will be worth it for the natural beauty and the arrival at the secluded beach.

The walk usually takes about three hours for the descent and about four hours for the ascent. A vital experience that deserves to be lived in the northwest of the island, within the municipality of Buenavista del Norte.

Villa Mandi Golf & Resort

No, we are not one of Tenerife’s secret places, but we are worth a visit just like the wonderful places above. At Villa Mandi you can find the peace and quiet you deserve after those long trails.

Relax by the pool, have a drink, enjoy the Canarian gastronomy, rest in our soft beds and much more. The key to a good trip is to strike the perfect balance between activity, sightseeing and relaxation. Arriving home with a refreshed attitude is the key to start our routine.