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Discover where the best vacation area in Tenerife is hidden.

What nobody has told you, this is undoubtedly the best vacation area in Tenerife. A paradise in the middle of the Atlantic that still has a lot to offer you.

The vacations are undoubtedly the time of the year most desired by all, the sun bronzing the skin, the smell of aftersun, drinks with your friends watching the most amazing sunset and the best vacation area in Tenerife. All year long we count the days anxiously waiting for the desired vacations to arrive, in order to enjoy the most of what this involves. Unexpected plans, unforgettable parties, new friends, different experiences…

And it is logical, who does not like to live this fantasy which we call “vacation”?. As John Steinbeck said “the art of rest is a part of the art of working” and after months of sacrifices, requirements and obligations, it’s time to disconnect and reconnect. The time to bring out your more adventurous side on a trail, your more paternal side preparing a bunch of snacks for the beach and your more fun side on the dance floor. The ideal place to get to know all these sides is undoubtedly Los Cristianos, a town located in the municipality of Arona, in the south of Tenerife. Despite what many people think, Los Cristianos is not only a beach tourism destination, it has many plans to offer in terms of gastronomy, entertainment and local culture.

Adrenaline junkies, this is for you!

If you are looking for adrenaline and fun a fixed stop on your visit should be the Siam Park. It has been recognized on numerous occasions as the best water park in the world. The park is characterized not only by its incredible attractions but also by the infrastructure itself, unlike many water parks, they have placed special emphasis on the decoration of the park and have managed to distinguish it from the rest through its Thai architecture. Thousands of people visit this park every day and assure that it is a unique experience.

best vacation area Tenerife

If sport is your thing, Arona offers an infinite number of options. One of the best known is the Golf de las Americas. Right next to the hotel you can enjoy this scenic golf course with 18 holes, lakes, gentle hills, restaurant and pro store that will make you feel as if you were in a movie. Also, in front of the beach of Los Cristianos there is an infinity of water sports that you can do during your stay.

Feel the speed and the saltpeter in your hair with a jet ski excursion. If you are more into heights, try parascending, which will allow you to enjoy breathtaking views. If you want a quieter plan enjoy one of the newest sports out there, paddle surfing or enjoy a day on a boat and the company of turtles, seabirds and cetaceans on a whale watching tour.

Disconnect to reconnect

If you are in desperate need of a day of rest, this place is for you. The town has a number of beaches that will make all your worries disappear. Fine white sand, calm sea and an ideal breeze. In addition, the beach has surroundings adapted to enjoy a long walk, a pleasant walk at sunset with the best possible views.

If you are looking for an afternoon of shopping in a spectacular place we recommend the Siam Mall which is located next to the famous amusement park. This mall, like the Siam Park is characterized by its aesthetics and Thai architecture as well as for its incredible range of places where you can do your shopping. From the best known low cost brands in the world (Zara, Mango, H&M …) to luxury brands (Tous, Swarovski, Pandora …). In addition to thousands of stores, it also has a great gastronomic offer with restaurants that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

best vacation Tenerife

Feel the night

The town also offers an infinite number of places where you can enjoy nightlife and have exceptional cocktails. In Roca Blanca Beach Club, located in front of Playa de los Tarajales you can enjoy not only unique drinks but also a view and an atmosphere that all your friends will envy. Just 11 minutes away you can enjoy one of the most trendy clubs on the island, Papagayo Beach Club. Although it was recently opened, it has already made a place in the hearts of the party lovers and has become a favorite destination for many. There you will enjoy a great atmosphere and we assure you that the night will be unforgettable.

For these reasons and many more, Los Cristianos is the best vacation area in Tenerife.