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Curiosities about Tenerife; a world of secrets to explore

If you are thinking of visiting us, you should know some of the most fun, exciting and secret curiosities about Tenerife. Discover something different in this article that will surprise you.

Our island is a place full of anecdotes, myths and legends. An endless number of stories to tell visitors and new generations of Canary Islanders who must keep traditions alive. Today you are going to discover some curiosities about Tenerife that you didn’t know about. We have come to surprise you at Villa Mandi Golf & Resort.

Tenerife is an island with a relatively recent history compared to other regions of Spain or Europe. Its ancient Guanches settlers did not know writing. The real history of the Canary Islands began to be written after the Castilian conquest in 1496. Although we know the customs and traditions of the Guanche people, there are many historical gaps about their arrival and settlement on the islands.

Curiosity Tenerife

Natural curiosities of Tenerife

We are going to start telling some of the interesting anecdotes we know about our island. Play with us and mark the ones you have already discovered before this article.

The thousand-year-old Drago tree of Icod de los Vinos was not the biggest in our territory. Despite its fame, there was a time when the biggest Drago tree was in the municipality of La Orotava, hence the town’s coat of arms. This tree was completely destroyed in 1867 due to a heavy rain and wind storm that hit the north of the island.

Our great Father Teide casts the world’s largest shadow in the ocean. A volcano of 3718 metres on a small island in the Atlantic is a curiosity more than worth seeing. There are many who visit us to see the majesty of the Teide and do not know this curious fact that can be observed at sunrise and sunset.

Do you know what a volcanic tube is? Tenerife is home to the longest volcanic tube in Europe and the sixth longest in the world. At 18 km long, La Cueva del Viento is a most mysterious adventure. This natural attraction was formed 27,000 years ago in basaltic lava from the first eruptive phase of the Pico Viejo volcano.

Curiosities Tenerife

Human-made curiosities

Being an outermost region caused some difficulties during wartime. Fear of a possible invasion led to a multitude of bunkers being built all along the coast of Tenerife. You can still see the ruins of many of them if you walk around the island. The area of La Quinta, in Santa Úrsula, San Andrés or El Médano still have these machine-gun nests.

Tenerife has been a great international film set. Many Hollywood blockbusters have used the island as a filming location. Sagas as important as Jason Bourne, Fast & Furious or Fury of the Titans have discovered in our marvellous landscapes the perfect setting for their films. Perhaps you remember a scene from your days of tourism.

The famous writer Agatha Christie lived some of her best years and wrote some of her best books in the northern town of Puerto de La Cruz. Not even one of the world’s most famous mystery writers could resist the warmth of the islands. You can visit her home in this municipality if you dare to travel to our island.

We can tell you these and many other curious facts about Tenerife. We reserve the right, for the moment, to write another chapter on this subject in the future. Did you know all the information we have given you? If so, you are a real expert on the history of our home.