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Climbing in Tenerife; together to the top

Climbing in Tenerife is a great way to give your holiday the thrill it needs. Amateurs and experts alike find the island the perfect place to climb.

Climbing in Tenerife is a sport that can be practised very easily, our tropical climate, our stable temperatures and the special orography of our island allow the most expert climbers and beginners to enjoy this activity 365 days a year.

Climbing is a mental and physical challenge that puts all our skills to the test. A moment of connection between body and mind in the middle of a natural environment. The human body against the rock in a battle in which only one can win. We know it sounds very epic, but it is the perfect way to motivate you to start a new adventure in this chapter of your life.

Climbing areas

Tenerife’s main climbing area is located in the south of the island, in the municipality of Arico. Some 500 climbing routes are available between the Barranco de Ortiz and the Barranco del Río. With a height of more than 30 metres, you will have to overcome the volcanic rock to reach the top of your expectations.

The natural monument of Risco de Guaria, in the municipality of Guía de Isora, is one of the most impressive climbing areas on the island. There are more than 90 sport routes that can be combined with classic climbing. Remember that you must apply for climbing permits in this area as it is a protected natural space.

The forests and ravines of Anaga offer the possibility for climbers to develop their activity. El Roque Negro and El Roque de Las Ánimas are the two best-known spots in this part of the island.

And finally, Las Cañadas del Teide, another unique setting where you can try your hand at climbing in Tenerife. At the foothills of Mount Teide and at an altitude of over 2,200 metres, you can find Los Roques de García, La Cañada del Capricho and La Catedral.

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Types of climbing in Tenerife

Traditional climbing

Traditional climbing, a modality that everybody practised before the appearance of sport climbing, is done without bolts while the climber looks for the most appropriate route for his or her experience. In Tenerife you can find suitable places within the Teide National Park.


For lovers of this modality there are a multitude of types of slabs. Counter-sloping, overhanging, with blunt grips. Endless options.


Various options around the island to climb these natural cracks in the rock.


These are walls with an inclination of close to 45 degrees. Up to 30 metres long can be found in the area around Arico.


Climbing without ropes over the sea in magical caves.


Climbing small boulders or walls never higher than 8 metres without the usual protection.

There are several active tourism companies that can help you to fulfil your dream. Tenerife Climbing House or El Ocho Escalada are two very interesting options to achieve your goal.

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Climbing walls

If you want to practice in a closed and safe environment, you can start by visiting one of the climbing walls in our territory. It is a fantastic way to have fun and to begin to understand the real keys to this sport. There are classes for all ages and different difficulties depending on your level of ability.

In Tenerife you can find several urban climbing areas completely free of charge. In La Vega Park, in Güímar or in La Verdellada there are options for practising. If you want the help of professionals, the Tenerife Climbing Centre is in San Cristóbal de Laguna and has more than 250 m2 of climbing space. The Cave Rock in Santa Cruz also has a similar surface area, although with a smaller number of holds than the centre in Laguna.