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Childrens christmas ornament crafts

Are you ready to dive into the magical world of childrens christmas ornament crafts ?

The festive season is the perfect excuse to ignite the creative spark at home and create unforgettable memories with your children! Let’s explore together some great ideas for ornaments that can add a special touch to your Christmas tree.

Children christmas ornament crafts

The Magic of Christmas Crafts with your Children

There’s nothing like seeing your children’s little faces light up as they unleash their creativity. Christmas crafts are not only a way to decorate the house, but also a wonderful opportunity to share laughter, stories and special moments as a family!

Fun Christmas Tree Ornaments

  • Personalised Snow Globes: Transform your Christmas tree into a scrapbook. To make these personalised snow globes, print small family photos that capture special moments. Then carefully place the photos inside clear balls along with a sprinkling of glitter. Close the ball tightly and you’re done! Each ball will be like a time capsule filled with memories that will make your tree sparkle with stories.
  • Fingerprint reindeer: Give your reindeer an extra touch of personality. Paint them with your little ones’ fingerprints in brown, but this time, add details like festive necklaces, colourful scarves or even little Christmas hats – each reindeer will be unique and full of character, making your tree truly original!
  • Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees: Create an enchanted forest on your tree with these adorable Christmas trees made from ice cream cones. Encourage your little ones to decorate the cones with colourful balls, sparkly ribbons and small ornaments – these trees add a dose of fun and colour to your Christmas decorations!
  • Sparkly Star Garlands: Add a magical touch to your tree with glittery star garlands. Cut stars out of gold or silver cardboard and ask your little ones to decorate them with stickers, glitter or even Christmas messages. Then, string them together and place them strategically on your tree so that each star tells its own sparkling story.

Children christmas ornament craft

Detailed Steps to Create Fingerprint Reindeer


White paper or card stock.
Brown and red paint.
Movable eyes.
Black felt-tip pen.
Small decorations (optional).

How to do it:

  • Prepare the Surface: Place a sheet of white paper or cardboard on the table to prevent the paint from getting into unwanted places.
  • Paint Fingerprints with Style: Encourage your little ones to add their own artistic touch to the fingerprints. They can experiment with patterns, lines and textures to give each reindeer a unique style.
  • Additional embellishments (Optional): If you want to take reindeer to the next level, consider adding small embellishments. These can be festive necklaces, sequin scarves or even little felt beanies – creativity knows no bounds!
  • Fine Details with Black Marker: Once the paint is dry, use a black marker to add eyes and other details such as smiles, noses and hooves.
  • Let Dry and Hang on the Tree: Make sure the paint is completely dry before cutting out each reindeer fingerprint. Then, tie a string to the top and hang them on your Christmas tree.
  • With these crafts, your tree will become a visual feast full of family stories and creative touches – enjoy the process and let your holidays be filled with joy, laughter and, of course, unique ornaments made with love!

Christmas atmosphere

At Villa Mandi Golf & Resort you will find a great Christmas atmosphere and lots of decorations to spend this festive season with us. We will be delighted to welcome you during these holidays and share with you these special moments of the year.
Make your reservation and enjoy Christmas events, special decorations and the spirit that characterises us. In addition, something that sets us apart from almost anywhere in the northern hemisphere, Tenerife’s spectacular weather during the winter. Christmas at twenty degrees, we can never say no to that.