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Casa del Vino de Tenerife, a glass of history

Enjoy the experience of tasting the best wines in Casa del Vino de Tenerife and know more about our incredible story between reds, rosé and sparkling wines.

Drinking wine can be one of the best pleasures of life. This fruity drink is the perfect partner for a lot of times in your life. A romantic dinner, a time with friends, to end the day on a nice note or for a personal moment of relaxation and introspection; a nice glass of wine can be the best compliment for anything.

If you are a wine lover or if you want to start your wine journey, in the Canary Islands you can find the best places to open your palette to new tastes. To know its story and try the best wine on the islands, we recommend you to visit the Casa del Vino de Tenerife. This amazing space has diverse facilities in which you can dive into the world of wine and go out as a true sommelier.

Casa de Vino de Tenerife

Shakespeare’s favorite wine

Before bananas, there was wine. If the Canary Islands are a proud banana land now, our first introduction to the rest of the world left a huge impression thanks to the huge variety of wines we have offered since Shakespeare time.

The Canary Islands have a huge land that is the perfect place to cultivate a lot of different foods and that, thanks to its minerals and characteristics, gives us special fruits; and the grape is one of them. With almost 135 types of grapes that have been discovered in our land and thanks to our volcanic land, we have one of the more important oenological diamonds: the volcanic malvasía. This grape offers the best white, almost transparent, with some gold flakes wine with the best fruity taste and smell.

The history of wine in the Canary Islands starts in the XV century with the Spanish conquest. Around this time, there was a huge interest in the properties of the earth of the islands, and it started the farming activity in it, being the cultivation of grapes the most important activity. Its first big break can be traced to the year 1510 and from that moment till today, the wine of the islands has been making a name for itself.

Its expansion around Europe started in the XVI century, and it was well known in the high European courts. The love for our wine was so big at that time, that it is said that William Shakespeare named it as one of the best.

Casa del Vino Tenerife

Eleven special wines

In the Canary Islands, there can be found eleven wines of Designations of Origin. These are classified as one of the best thanks to its quality stamp that guarantees us that it is a first class wine. Five of these eleven wines can be found only in Tenerife. Thanks to its huge land, with a lot of special properties, we can enjoy the best wine from red to whites.

Thanks to its diverse weather and the special conditions that the island has, we can see that the best red wines can be found in the north of the island, in places like Valle de Güímar or Tacoronte Acentejo. While the white wines with its fruity taste can be found in the south, giving us that summery vibe that the south of Tenerife is well-known about. Besides, a great wine can always be more enjoyable with the best dishes, that is why we recommend you our blog post about the best places to eat on the island.

Wine in depth

To know more about the long history of wine in Tenerife and try the best list of glasses in our land, we recommend you to visit the Casa del Vino de Tenerife. This space has its own Wine Museum, that not only teaches you about the process of wine, but also gives you the routes it took to bring it to the islands.

Also, it has facilities for tasting and special showings. Besides, you can take the time to walk around their own garden of grapes and special fruits, to go beyond your expectations. Feel as special as William Shakespeare and try the best wine of your life