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Carnivals at Los Cristianos

If during the month of March you plan to stay at our hotel, we must let you know that you are in luck. The reason? You will be able to enjoy the International Carnival of Los Cristianos, a spectacle of light and colour that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Under the theme of  “The Jungle“, this new edition will be held between 21 March and 1 April in the bay of the municipality of Arona. The street party will begin with the announcing parade that will take place in Playa de las Americas on Saturday 23 March.

What do I need to know?

Prepare the trip in advance: Although the most important festival is the Carnival of the capital, Los Cristianos is gaining more and more public affluence and remains synonymous with high season. We recommend that you organize everything with enough time to avoid last-minute surprises.

Looking for the perfect costume: There’s no better time of year to get your creative side out. Keep these adjectives because you will need them when you choose your fantasy: original and hilarious. Avoid clichés and try to surprise everyone with a costume that leaves a mark.

Where do we start: The Carnival of Los Cristianos can be divided into two big groups: the contests and the Carnival in the street. In the first phase you will be able to enjoy the performances of the Carnival groups (murgas, comparsas, groups, etc.); while, in the second phase, you will be able to enjoy parades in the open air.

Take into account the situation of the roads: Establish the exits and entrances to the city taking as a reference the celebration of the different acts. We recommend that you make use of public transport if you have any doubts.

Less is more: When it comes to having fun, we must follow this rule. Make sure that the clothes you wear allow you to move freely, that your footwear is comfortable and choose a small bag (fanny pack style) to store your belongings. Carnival is the perfect place to have fun, but there are times when our attention is focused more on putting on your wig and not on remembering where you were wearing what really matters.

Keep in mind the number of people attending this event: You must be aware that we are talking about a party that last year brought together a total of 125,000 people. Knowing this information will help you to better organize your outings. Keep in mind that there are several events that adapt to the needs of the whole family.

The best advice of all, enjoy: Remember that you are having the opportunity to be at one of the most important parties in the world, so have fun. Dance, laugh, meet new people, and live the experience to the fullest.

So keep this in mind, at the 2019 Los Cristianos Carnival there are no excuses: the party has just started and you are already a part of it.