Villa Mandi Golf Resort

Advantages of spending your holidays in an apartment

With the arrival of your long-awaited holiday, you may be considering which is the best option on where to stay. Today we discover the undeniable advantages of staying in apartments in Tenerife south to enjoy the enviable temperatures of the island with the comforts that implies the facilities of our Golf Resort. So, if you are looking for holidays apartments in Tenerife, look no further, you have found us!

More space


Undoubtedly, our spacious facilities, compared to a standard hotel room, have much more useful space in which to rest and enjoy, mainly with the family. Normally, people who, on the other hand, choose to stay in a hotel, usually have only one space to share with the whole family. At Villa Mandi Golf Resort, you will have different spaces and even a private solarium in our selection of superior apartments.

Flexible timetables


When we stay in holidays apartments in Tenerife, another advantage that we must take into account is the indisputable flexibility of schedules that this provides. For those who decide to stay with us without using our restaurant service, which we highly recommend for its high quality and service, they can set their own meal times. Depending on your customs and habits, you can choose what time to have dinner or breakfast, an effective formula to avoid getting up early! In addition, regardless of the time of meals, you will have a magnificent kitchen to use at any time of day.

The best option for children


Here the two above reasons come together to ensure the well-being of your family. Spending your holidays in a comfortable apartment has enough space for your children to play in one room, you can rest in another or sunbathe on the terrace, without that being a problem. In addition, you will have a kitchen equipped with everything you may need and prepare a puree for the children or even surprise your partner cooking his favorite dish. As if that wasn’t enough, at Villa Mandi Golf Resort, we have an excellent and professional animation team that will do your kids smile and do your family holidays unforgettable.

Make yourself feel at home


A fridge full of snacks, a cold beer to calm down the heat, a lounge in which to watch television, a terrace to rest and sunbathe or even take a nap in the room. Staying in holidays apartments in Tenerife can be the solution to make you feel at home. The advantages of staying in an apartment are much wider but, obviously, everything depends on your needs. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to stay in Tenerife with a privileged location and spend a pleasant holiday with the greatest comforts, we invite you to visit our apartments section so that you can choose the option that best suits your plans.