Villa Mandi Golf Resort

A commitment to sustainable tourism

More and more tourists visit the Canary Islands every year, which is why we must carry out a responsible professional activity within what is known as sustainable tourism.

When we travel, there are some factors that we must take into account and is that, if we do not make a responsible tourism, there are negative effects of great impact that we must strive to minimize as much as possible. Such as pollution, the use of energy or the erosion of natural areas. Due to the importance of this sector in the Canary Islands, sustainable tourism is gaining importance in Spain.

In Villa Mandi Golf Resort, aware of ecotourism, we promote some responsible practices that we would like our guests to know. In addition, we also invite you to participate actively so that, also during holidays, we can collaborate for the conservation of our planet.


Recycling is one of the simplest daily activities we can do. In addition, it is also an example of sustainable tourism and care for the environment. In our facilities, we separate the different types of garbage we generate and try to recycle them in containers. When you stay in an apartment, you often use the kitchen and prepare packaged products whose packaging we usually throw away. A very simple practice is to separate the plastics we generate so that they do not end up in the same container as the rest of the waste.

turismo-sostenible-villa-mandi-tenerife-playyas-limpiasAlso, if you have decided to spend the day at the beach, we invite you not to carry plastic wrappers and to collect all the garbage you generate. Many beaches in the Canary Islands have been affected by this problem. Currently, there are organizations in charge of collecting plastic on our coasts to alleviate the harmful impact that has been happening for many years. If you want to contribute to this cause, we present you with Canarias free of plastics’.

As you know, at Villa Mandi Golf Resort, we have a free transportation system that connects our hotel with Siam Park and the beach. It’s not just a method to make your stay more pleasant, it’s also a contribution to caring for the ozone layer by minimizing the impact of carbon dioxide generated by cars. Imagine that each of our guests went in their rental car to one of these activities, don’t you think that the pollution we generate would be much higher?

In addition, taking into account the safe energy aspects in which to contribute, our hotel has low-consumption machinery and light bulbs and even systems to heat water are high performance in order to make better use of energy.

Finally, we would like you to know that, in Villa Mandi Golf Resort, we recycle chemical products with authorized companies with environmental seal. In our commitment to sustainable tourism, you can also help, are you in?